The Rihanna X Puma Creepers Are Coming Back On This Date

The world just can’t get enough athleisure wear from Rihanna. As if you weren’t already totally exhausted from saving money to cop a piece or two from the Rihanna X Fenty collection before it sold out, the time has come to shop from even more Rihanna-designed goods. When is the next Rihanna X Puma Creepers restock? Well, folks, mark your calendars.

Prepare yourself for a shopping frenzy because these covetable shoes never stick around for long. According to Instagram, the original Creepers are going to be up for grabs again on Sept. 29. The exact launch time has yet to be announced, but stay tuned for that info. You’re going to want to be online the moment these babies become available to shop.

The original black, white and oatmeal-colored creepers are classics and will definitely pair well with all of the other Rihanna X Fenty pieces in your closet. Or any of your clothing, for that matter. So, have your computers ready because you’re going to have to act quickly to become the proud owner of these kicks. Seriously, shoes this good are hard to come by. If you are able to grab them for the limited time they’re in stock, consider yourself very lucky.

Rihanna X Puma Creeper Sneaker, $195, Ebay

According to Racked, this footwear has been available to shop online and in select Puma stores as well as at Nordstrom, Bloomingdales and Opening Ceremony. So, be sure you check all of these retailers before giving up on owning these shoes.

Puma x Fenty Rihanna Suede Creepers Star White Oatmeal, $200, Ebay

There's no going wrong with this style, no matter which color you choose.

Puma x Rihanna Women Suede Creepers Black, $250, Amazon

They come with different stripe and sole options, and each combo is as good as the next.

Puma x Rihanna Women Suede Creepers Brown, $250, Amazon

The monochrome versions are the best if you ask me, but you should basically purchase whatever's available. Any pair of creepers is better than no creepers at all, you know what I'm saying?

Especially considering there are endless ways to wear them.

Rihanna's struck just the right balance between comfort and coolness, and I'm more than ready to take a stab at purchasing these. Sept. 29 really can't get here soon enough!

Image: puma/Instagram (1)