Jim Clemente, Former FBI Agent, Switched Careers

Nearly 20 years have passed since JonBenét Ramsey's mysterious murder in her Boulder, Colorado, home. The 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant was found dead and there have been few answers pointing to what happened the day she was killed. To mark the 20-year anniversary of Ramsey's death, various networks have planned specials to revisit the mystery and maybe even find some sense of closure. So who is Jim Clemente? The former FBI special agent and profiler, and former New York Prosecutor, will make an appearance in the CBS Special, The Case Of: JonBenét Ramsey.

According to IMDb, Clemente is also a writer and co-producer for the show Criminal Minds and has offered lectures and investigative assistance on various criminal and civil cases from White House corruption to serial killers. Clemente will be featured in the three-part series as an expert in criminal cases. With the help of Clemente and former New Scotland Yard criminal behavioral analyst Laura Richards, the series is expected to explore new information and leads in the case, specifically thanks to more advanced technology for DNA testing that didn't exist two decades ago.

The experts will reportedly test the "stun gun" theory, recreate some of the important rooms in the investigation, and examine new and existing theories.

A CBS press release shared the following, according to Vanity Fair:

The scope of the highly skilled team’s investigation includes re-examining crucial evidence using advanced technology and forensics, meticulously recreating the crime scene by rebuilding full-scale replicas of key rooms from the Ramsey house, conducting extensive interviews and introducing new theories.

Vanity Fair also noted that several other experts will be joining the team alongside Clemente and Richards, including forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee, the Boulder District Attorney's former chief investigator James Kolar, forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, and James Fitzgerald, a former FBI agent and forensic linguistic profiler. So, sure, in some ways, CBS is putting together this awesome team of experts for star power and entertainment value. It's no secret that America loves a good mystery and a good criminal investigation. But with the level of expertise laying some new eyes on the case, maybe America will also get some answers from this team of forensic analysts and investigators.

Based on Clemente's knowledge of criminal investigations alone, I'm looking forward to the new information and theories that will likely come out of this series. The six-hour docuseries will premiere on Sept. 18; part two will air on Sept. 19; the series will conclude on Sept. 25.