Lisa Vanderpump Celebrated Her Birthday By Living Her Best Life (Aka, Surrounded By Puppies) — VIDEOS

Did you catch that? The faint scent of rosé and swan feathers dancing in the crisp fall breeze? That fragrance means one thing and one thing only: It is LVP’s day of birth. On Thursday, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star and restauranteur Lisa Vanderpump celebrated her 56th birthday. And when I say “celebrated her 56th birthday,” I mean “she threw on a gown and really LVP'd it up on her 56th birthday."

How do I know this, you ask? No, Vanderpump did not spill her birthday plans to me via text message (ugh, I wish she and I were close pals who messaged back and forth about things like birthdays and gowns and horses. A gal can dream). Instead, I watched her majestic birthday unfold on Instagram like the Bravolebrity-obsessed goblin that I am. Hey, I will take what I can get.

The queen of SUR truly crushed the birthday game in the LVP-iest way possible (i.e., her day looked nothing short of perfect, is something to aspire to, and so on). How exactly did Vanderpump go about crushing the birthday game? Let us commence our journey now.

She Went For A Ride On Her Cavalia Horse While Wearing A Gown

Hey, Prince Tardon. Always great to see you.

She Enjoyed A Cup Of Tea With Her Fleet Of Pomeranians

Oh, and you better believe the gown were still part of the festivities.

And Finally, She Climbed Aboard An Inflatable Flamingo And Set Sail

A gown, a cup, and a saucer were involved, too? *Clutches chest.* All of it is... just... too... beautiful.

Happy birthday, LVP. May your year be as perfect as a tea party with a pile of Pomeranians.