11 Avocado Beauty Products To Add To Your Routine

For all the avocado uses showboating on social media and in life, there's one place it doesn't really get its due: the beauty industry. Because while avocado oil is packed with Vitamin E and chock full o' benefits for your skin and hair, it flies under the radar, the vigilante of hydrators. It doesn't want fame — it just wants to help. With that said, screw what it wants — it's great and you need more. Especially if you have drier skin, eternally or just heading into fall, the beauty benefits of avocado-based skincare products make it an ingredient to look for.

So, here are eleven products that low-key rely on the oil for their moisturizing, comfy formulas. I've highlighted the best in the biz, so next time you're feeling dry or like a formula is leaving your skin subpar, just scroll through the list. Avocado oil has showed up in every type of product, from highlighter to exfoliator, and while I lean towards store-bought products for pure ease of use, there's a flourishing Internet land that promotes DIY uses for avocado oil.

Hair, body, knees and toes — avocado oil does it all. And while it doesn't carry quite the same sensorial benefits of coconut oil with that unmistakable scent, it will still work wonders for your skin.

1. A Soothing Clay Mask

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Clay Mask, Avocado & Oatmeal, $4, Jet

My first experience with this avocado and oatmeal mask was many years ago, and it has retained its medicine cabinet real estate since. The "old reliable" of masks, it's a clay mask and thus has pore-purging benefits, but the addition of avocado oil and oatmeal keeps your skin from aquiring that Spongebob dry feeling you sometimes get after washing other similar masks off.

2. A Tasty Hair Hydrator

Briogeo Curl Charisma™ Rice Amino + Avocado Leave–In Defining Crème, $20, Sephora

Rice and avocado somehow doesn't sound like the sexiest ingredient combo, but they mean business. The complex uses avocado oil to retain natural moisture, increase elasticity, and protect against damage.

3. A Happiness-Scented Body Butter

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter, $35, Sephora

Josie Maran's cult-fave body butter (30k faves on, seriously cult) now comes in ten scents online, and they're all good — Honeysuckle Vanilla especially. Regardless which you choose, shea butter, white tea extract, and avocado oil hydrate and absorb quickly into the skin.

4. A Moisturizer For The Cautious

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Face Moisturizer, $24, Sephora

First Aid Beauty is known for their sensitive skin-soothing products, and this lighter version voids the whole matter of potentially clogged pores. Avocado oil, ceramides, shea butter and meadowfoam seed leave skin softer than the flesh of a ripe avocado.

5. A Liquid Lipstick That Stays Comfortable

SEPHORA COLLECTION Cream Lip Stain, $14, Sephora

Talk about a hidden hero!! Sephora's Cream Lip Stain is beloved far and wide, 01 Always Red in particular. A classic, blue-based red that stays on for a literal day, the avocado oil is crucial to the comfortable formula. Moisturizing and long lasting, 160k people on the Sephora site agree — it's a $14 holy grail.

6. A Highlighter That Goes Above & Beyond

MILK MAKEUP Holographic Stick, $28, Sephora

Like let's be real, no one's buying this for the moisturizing properties. They're buying it to look like a space fairy, which is its intended use. But the addition of avocado oil (plus mango butter and peach nectar), means you can feel great about slathering this absolutely everywhere.

7. A Soothing Redness Corrector

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness™ Neutralizing Correcting Cream, $32, Sephora

New to Sephora-land, this peachy color corrector-meets-moisturizer isn't quite like anything else out there, and I'm so intrigued. While the sole color is listed as a one-size-fits-all "Transforming Neutral Beige," the colloidal oatmeal, hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, aloe and avocado involved in this one-stepper make it worth taking a look at.

8. A Hot Water Counteract-or

DR. TEALS Ultra Moisturizing Mineral Soak with Avocado Oil, $6, Ulta

Baths: the best. You can pry baths from my cold, dead hands. But the flip side of my devotion is occasionally dried-out skin, which this bath soak helps me avoid.

9. A Double-Duty Smoother

E.L.F. COSMETICS Lip Exfoliator, $3, Ulta

The gritty sugar in this low-cost exfoliator leave lips smooth like a dream, while the addition of Vitamin E, Shea butter, avocado, grape and jojoba oils make it a one-two punch of moisturizing. I tend to side-eye store bought exfoliators (brown sugar also works), but for the convenience and the price (just $3) it's perfect for pushing your cart into free shipping territory.

10. An Eye Cream To Keep You Hydrated

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, $48, Kiehls

If you're trying to keep your eye skin supple at any age, Kiehl's Creamy Under Eye Treatment With Avocado Oil is one of the best.

11. A Simple Ingredient Mask

Sephora Collection Face Mask - Avocado, $6, Sephora

My favorite, aka a thin excuse to head to Sephora. If you want to dip your toe in the ingredient without going all in on a bottle of the oil, there are plenty of products at the ready — Sephora's sheet masks are a cheap way to experiment, while Origins' Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask brings in apricot kernel oil (and is universally beloved).

Get ready for maximum hydration, kids!

Images: Courtesy of Brands