Kristen Bell Shares First Photo Of Her Daughter

Celebrities often take to Instagram to debut the first photos of their children: It is a sweet announcement and a way of taking control away from paparazzi and putting it into the hands of the parents (makes sense). For Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard — the proud parents of daughters Lincoln, 3, and Delta, 20 months — the two are extremely protective over pictures of their kids. In fact, Bell just shared the first photo of one of her daughters on Instagram, and she did so in typical Kristen Bell fashion (hint: it's awesome).

"First daddy daughter swim in Lake Michigan-a right of passage for any Mitten baby," the Frozen star (who, like Shephard, hails from Michigan) captioned the pic, having a grand ol' time with depth perception as she makes it seem like she is holding Shepherd and one of her daughters in the palm of her hand as they frolic in the lake and she stands in the foreground.

Shephard and their little girl are so far away in the picture that it would have honestly been impossible to even tell that it was them if Bell hadn't explicitly mentioned them in the caption of the photo. And that's exactly the point.

Back in 2014, Bell and Shephard were the driving force behind the "No Kids Policy," which encouraged entertainment news outlets not to publish paparazzi shots of celebrity children, minors who did not only not consent to the photos, but also did not consent to fame. The campaign was hugely successful in changing celebrity culture and protecting the privacy of celebrity kids — everyone from People to E! News to Entertainment Weekly adopted the policy, according to the Huffington Post . Needless to say, Bell and Shephard are all about their daughters' privacy, which would explain the faraway Instagram.

The other point, of course, is that both actors are hilarious — Shephard will forever kill me in Baby Mama, in particular, and Bell was Anna in Frozen — so it makes sense that the ~debut~ would also be something humorous (and nothing is more humorous than using depth perception to your advantage). Plus, I like to think that the actors decided to poke a little fun at both themselves and their celebrity counterparts by using such an indiscernible shot — just another little inside joke between the two of them that makes them even more relatable than they already are.