Kate Winslet Explains Son Bear Blaze's Name & These Other Celeb Parents Need to Follow Suit

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An explanation at long last! ICYMI, Kate Winslet named her son Bear Blaze with husband Ned Rocknroll back in December, and in a recent chat with Ellen DeGeneres, Winslet offered up an explanation as to why she named her son such a unique name. She picked the name Bear because — in her words: "A friend of mine when I was younger was nicknamed Bear and I just had always really loved him. And he was very much a bear. He was everyone’s shoulder to cry on, he was a big bear hug, he was a great figure in my life and I just had always remembered him and so that’s where it came from."

And as for the fiery middle name? Well, she and her husband met in a house fire.

DON'T YOU LOVE IT WHEN THINGS FINALLY MAKE SENSE!? Also, I plan on naming my future child Employed and Literate.

Here are some other celebrities who may want to throw us a bone and give us a generous explanation as to why they picked their kids' names.

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