The Weird Sign They Are Your Ideal Partner In Bed

by Courteney Larocca

I once had a psychic tell me about a future partner that I was going to fall in love with. According to the psychic, this person will likely be a Virgo (or some other Earth sign), have a quirky personality and be someone I already know, but who isn't always present in my life. As someone who totally believes in psychics, knows her birth chart by heart and actually takes astrology seriously, I absolutely have begun looking for these traits in people to figure out who is ~destined~ to be with me. Of course, basing a relationship on something a psychic told you once is probably not a good idea (unless you're me; then it's a great idea). But just because you don't have a psychic telling you who you should hook up with, doesn't mean that there aren't other odd signs that someone is right for you. When it comes to sex, there are actually some weird indicators that someone might be your ideal partner in bed.

"If you are a person that likes to sit back and allow someone to take control and you meet a person that enjoys taking over — that would be a good match," Dr. Dawn Michael, a clinical sexologist and relationship expert tells Bustle.

So what other weird things would make someone perfect for you in bed? Here are the quirky things you should look out for when finding your perfect sex partner.

1. They Have The Same Taste In Memes As You

If your partner is just as invested in Harambe jokes as you are, then that could be a sign that you two would be a good match in bed. Michael says that having the same sense of humor is vital for a good lay. "When I counsel couples and they can laugh together, they have a good chance at carrying that humor into the bedroom," Michael says. So, basically if someone's tickling your funny bone, it could be a good foundation for other kinds of touching.

2. They Don't Judge Your Taste In Music

I was in a relationship with someone before who couldn't stand my taste in music and refused to even listen to any song I suggested that I thought he might like. I also never had an orgasm any time I had sex with that person – and his judgment of my music taste could have been partially to blame.

A sign that your partner might be perfect for you in bed is if they don't judge you for the things you like. "When a person is open-minded and not judgmental, it is easier to try new things with that person," Michael says. If you're looking for the perfect partner then look for someone who can actually face the music.

3. You Always Root For The Same Team

If you and your partner always find yourselves rooting for the same chef on Chopped or are always cheering for the same sports teams, you may be compatible in bed. Michael says that if you bring up a topic and "they react similar to you, that is a good sign." Of course, some of these topics that you would want to bring up should be sexual ones to really gage how similar your sex styles are. But being on the same side in other aspects in life could potentially translate to being on the same side in sex.

4. They're Type A (And You're Not)

You know what they say about opposites attracting and all that jazz. Well, that can easily translate into the bedroom, Michael says. But remember that the two of you also have to have fun together (see #1), so keep in mind that taking control doesn't mean controlling.

5. They're Always Down For An Impromptu Adventure

If you and your partner are always looking for something new to try or somewhere cool to go, that could be a good indicator for your sex life. Michael says that a sense of adventure is a good ingredient for someone to be good in bed. Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of Ignite Your Pleasure agrees.

"Someone that is open to trying new things in life will usually do things in bed too," Levine says. If your partner is totally ready to follow whatever plan you come up with, it's a sign they'd be down for trying those intense sex tips you found on the Internet and have been secretly dying to try.

6. They Ask For Directions When They Get Lost

Whether you're in a huge mall and can't figure out where the food court is or you're touring a new city and your phones both died because you were playing "Pokemon Go"— if your partner isn't afraid to stop someone and ask how to get where they're going, it could be a good sign for your sexual relationship.

Levine says that if your partner is "not afraid or embarrassed to ask or get help when they need it," they might be a better partner in bed. If your partner is willing to ask a stranger for something, they'll most likely also be willing to ask you for anything they need in bed — and an open line of communication is always key for good sex.

And there you have it. If you've been wondering if someone will be your ideal partner in bed and you've noticed some of these signs in them, you may be on the path to a really great sexual experience.

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