Kim K's Assistant Has A Great Snapchat

by Daniela Cabrera

Anyone who is a fan of Kim Kardashian knows the name of her right-hand woman: Stephanie Shepherd. Kardashian's long-time assistant has travelled with the family, served as personal photographer, and has most recently been bestowed a set of diamonds by her employer/BFF for her birthday. Sounds like a good life, doesn't it? While there is some work involved in being a personal assistant, Shepherd often pops up in the Kardashians' social media, enjoying personal bonding time with the fam. While she often makes appearances on the Kardashian ladies' Snapchats, fans might also want to look into Stephanie Shepherd's Snapchat name as well.

Because Shepherd is so close to the Kardashian and Jenner family, she's amassed a fanbase of her own, naturally. People now want to see what she's wearing, where she's hanging out, and, to be honest, she might need her own assistant soon enough. Snapchat name is fairly straightforward: steph_shep. It sounds like Shepherd took a page from Kardashian's book in keeping all of her social media names simple and consistent, you know, for the whole brand and everything, since her Twitter and Instagram are the same handle, steph_shep.

While Shepherd might not be the reigning queen Supreme of Snapchat like Kylie Jenner and her girl, Kim, she's definitely used her snap to give another insight into her life with one of the most famous families on Earth. If you've ever wondered how it is to have dinner with a Kardashian, Shepherd has showed that off:

She has also shared her and Kim's mutual love for beignets, which is well-documented:

All that's cool and all, but being a Kardashian's assistant also means you get to hang out with other cool kids, becoming a celeb yourself:

And just like most people on Snapchat, Shepherd has been guilty of finding that one filter that just makes every woman really feel themselves:

If you're a true-blue Kardashian fan, there's no reason you shouldn't be following Stephanie Shepherd on Snapchat already —she's got an even better way to keep up with this fam.

Images: steph_shep/Instagram