19 'The O.C.' Quotes That'll Keep You From Procrastinating

For you and me and everyone else, The O.C. was one of those shows you just had to watch during the golden period of television that was 2003 to 2007. With its mix of Seth Cohen put-downs, Summer sass, and the splash of telenovela drama Marissa always contributed, it was pretty much the perfect teen drama from start to finish. I mean, why do you think you couldn't stop tuning in? In a lot of ways, it was also pretty inspirational. For instance, there were a lot of quotes on The O,C, that could totally help you stop procrastinating if you let them. I know it seems strange, because back in the heady days of 2003, marathoning the VHS tapes you had of the show was the ultimate form of procrastination. There seemed little point in studying when instead, you could give in to the thrum of your teenage hormones and study Ryan's form.

But, it's true: The O.C. was full of storylines about Getting. Stuff. Done. Summer, for instance, morphed from a party girl to a serious environmentalist, Ryan from a convict to architect, and Sandy from an unfulfilled lawyer to a law professor. All because they didn't procrastinate! If they can do it, so can you. So, the next time you're looking for a punchy quote to make you start your essay or call that person whose number you got or finally start training for your half-marathon, give these witty lines a peep.

1. For When You're Procrastinating On Calling Up That Attractive Human Whose Digits You Just Got

Summer: Yeah, you know. Romeo and Juliet, Fred and Wilma, Sandy and Kirsten Cohen.

'Cause we all want what the Cohens had.

2. For When You're Procrastinating On Telling Your Roommate To Do Wash the Dishes Already, Seriously

Jimmy: Marissa and I were just trying to work out an appropriate punishment.

Julie: Oh really? Well, way to rule with an iron fist, Stalin.

Because your passive-aggressive post it notes aren't working.

3. For When You're Putting Off Going Out To Hit The Club

Seth: I'm gonna go make magic happen. I feel like my hair is really working for me tonight.

It is, your hair looks great. Slip into your lucky pants and you'll have a great time.

4. For When You Can't Be Bothered To Schedule A Much-Needed Haircut

Julie Cooper: Oh honey, I thought you were going to wear your hair down. Pulled back like that, it's a little harsh on your angles.

Because we've all got an overly honest friend like Julie in our lives.

5. For When You Haven't Found The Time To Call Your Mom In Weeks

Sandy: I know the last few years have been a roller coaster. There's been tragedy and comedy and first loves, broken hearts, family members we've lost and found. It hasn't all been perfect, but we're all a family here. So cheers.

All the feels.

6. For When You're Procrastinating Getting Started On Your Post-Graduation Hustle

Ryan: Ever since your parents took me in they've been paying for everything. I can't keep doing this.

Seth: They're parents. They work for us.

We're millennials and we're screwed but we should probably at least attempt to find jobs, right?

7. For When You're Putting Off Writing That Bestseller

Seth: It'd be good to take some me-time — work on my novel. Tonight would make a good chapter.

Your life's definitely already sensational enough for those first few chapters.

8. For When It's Time To Take Down That Girl At Work Who Keeps Stealing Your Food From The Communal Fridge

Sandy: You're talking blackmail, it's not even noon yet.

Revenge is a dish best served early.

9. For When You're Procrastinating Planning Your Trip To Mexico

Seth: What happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.

Ryan: What happens in Mexico?

Seth: I don't know, because it stays there. That's why we must go!

Go chase your party-fueled bliss ASAP.

10. For When You Need To Stop Procrastinating On Getting Over Your Ex

Summer: ...Leaving nothing but a note for his girlfriend, who cried and cried over him until the Fourth of July when she realized she doesn't cry over bitches on boats.

Summer Roberts schools the masses on her go-to post-breakup recovery method.

11. For When You're Trying To Stop Procrastinating Going Grocery Shopping

Sandy: Honey, I got everything on the list, including a little Chunky Monkey that's mostly for me. Alright, it's all for me. Best. Ben and Jerry's. Ever.

Because nobody wants to share Ben and Jerry's, even if they're in the relationship of the century.

12. For When You're Procrastinating Catching Up On Your Celeb Gossip

Summer: I love shopping, tanning, and celebrity gossip. Always have, always will.

Because staying true to yourself and your celebrity gossip addiction is essential.

13. For When You're Finally Tackling That Problem You Didn't Want To Deal With

Sandy: Well. One kid dropping out of school and the other kid lying. I thought today was going to be boring.

Embrace the excitement of the difficult.

14. For When You Keep Putting Off Setting Up Your Two Friends You Know Would Be Adorable Together

Seth: It turns out that I'm quite skilled at getting a date if it's not for me.

Funnel your frustration into that new couple's romantic bliss.

15. For When You're Procrastinating Making Your Friends Join In Celebrating Your Fun, Made Up Holiday

Seth: All right man, another Chrismukkah convert!

Because we all need an imaginary celebration enforced overly rigorously in our lives.

16. For When You Need Inspiration To Block That Friend Who's Always Hitting You Up With Juicy Gossip

Julie: I had to block you from my buddy list. You were incessant.

Luke: You blocked me? I thought you were offline.


17. For When You Must Stop Procrastinating Planning Your Friend's Goodbye Party

Seth: You know what I was thinking? I think that this being your last night and all, we should do something special. I don't know what. Possibly get a couple of tattoos or some hookers and lose our virginity. Right? OK, dude, I don't know. There's a shark movie at the IMAX. If that's what you're into.

Because a shark movie at the IMAX will always beat out all the other stuff.

18. For When You Need Inspiration To Finally Hit The Mall Even Though You Hate It

Seth: (to Ryan) You’re taking all that? You only own, like, a wifebeater and two hoodies.

Because are you really going to wear that black dress again?

19. For When You're Inspiring Your Significant Other To Go Buy Some Breakfast Carbs (Please And Thank You)

Seth: You gonna be all right? Of course, we got bagels.

Because everything's better with carbs.

The O.C. had your back when it came to supporting you, and helping you become the most productive person you could be. So, go watch some more episodes, and then go shine — California-style.

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