Here's How To Find A Debate Viewing Party Near You

by Lauren Barbato

The presidential race is swiftly becoming a tight competition between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. As Trump gains on Clinton in some key battleground states, the stakes of this year's election are higher than ever, which means everyone should be paying attention to the presidential debates. Where can you watch the presidential debates? Here's how to find a debate viewing party in your community.

The first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton airs on all the major news networks on Sept. 26. Trump and Clinton will take the stage at Hofstra University, and Lester Holt of NBC News will act as moderator. This debate will mark the first time Clinton and Trump face each other in a public forum, and it's sure to bring some wild political theater (at least from Trump's side). This will also be Clinton's chance to finally challenge Trump's deceitful rhetoric with her knowledge and political experience.

So how can you get a front-and-center view of the debate on Sept. 26? If you don't have access to a television — or want a little company — you can join a debate viewing party. For those living in New York City, there are debate watch parties abound. The Apollo Theater in Harlem is hosting one of the largest presidential debate viewing parties, featuring a panel of both liberal and conservative commentators.

Mark Makela/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Other major U.S. cities, such as Seattle and Washington, D.C, are also holding large-scale debate viewing parties on Sept. 26. Your best bet is to check the local events listings for your city.

But there are also viewing parties associated with each candidate. If you want to watch the debate with only fellow Clinton supporters, then consider signing up for event updates at Local campaign offices and Democratic groups nationwide are holding debate watch parties, where you'll get a chance to meet fellow Clinton supporters in your area. Local feminist groups and women's centers may also be holding debate watch parties in your area.

If you live outside of the United States, don't worry — Democrats Abroad has you covered. Democratic Abroad is hosting debate watch parties in a number of cities around the globe, including Toronto, Makati in the Philippines, Mazatlán in Mexico, Singapore, and Barcelona, among others.

And if you prefer to stay in on Sept. 26 and watch the highly anticipated debate from the safety of your own couch, there's always live-streaming.