7 Hilarious Running Memes

Running: you're either into it, or you're not. Regardless of which group you consider yourself to be a part of, these funny running memes are bound to make you crack up. Some of us just aren't meant to run, and some of us, well, can take marathons on like it's a walk in the park. And then, of course, there's everyone who falls in between. These memes cover it all, and whether you run marathons or watch from the sidelines, you'll enjoy them.

No matter how cool we might think we look while we're sprinting down the sidewalk or doing laps at the local park, the fact of the matter is, running is not the most attractive sport. The same goes for marathon runners. As much as that runner's high has you feeling like the king of the world following a 10K, you basically look like a sweaty, exhausted mess to the rest of us.

From the way your legs feel after a long run to the accidental gas that gets passed while you're on a jog, there are just some embarrassing things about running that are difficult to hide. So what's the best thing to do? Make comedic memes out of all those things, of course!

Don't be bashful. Everybody farts.

It's the latest fad.

No, one does not walk at all if one can avoid it.

Straight up.

You'll love it, they said.

What a marathon feels like...

Long-distance runners, thinking they're the coolest.

Images: MemeCenter