18 Halloween Decorations For Black Cat Lovers

Black cats and Halloween go together like pumpkin spice and fall. In fact, black cats have a long history with magic, bad luck, and all things spooky. Back when witch hunts were common, black cats were said to be demonic gifts from the devil given to real life witches. Some medieval myths say that the devil turned himself into a cat when around witches, while other medieval myths associate them with bad luck. It's no surprise that black cats became one of the quintessential symbols of Halloween, an omen of danger. Black cat decorations are everywhere, symbols of spookiness and terror, and very, very cool.

But, as anyone who has been around one knows, there is definitely more to black cats than creepiness and witch legends. Black cats, like any other cat, really, are sweet, loving, curious, amusing, and basically perfect. In case you couldn't tell, I have two black cats of my own at the moment, and grew up with one as a kid. Black cat Halloween decorations are some of my favorite decorations, and so obviously I've been spending a lot of my spare time searching for the perfect ones this year. The below options are perfect — spooky, magical, and definitely not kitschy.

Oh, and while we're on the subject of black cat love, let's not forget to take care of any of the black cats we see this October. Because of their connection to darkness and magic, black cats are often the subject of abuse from people who still believe in those medieval myths of the past. This is especially bad around Halloween — so bad, in fact, that many shelters won't even let people adopt a black cat during the month of October. If you see stray black cats in your area, please call a shelter or animal help hotline to take them in, and if you have a black cat of your own, keep them close near Halloween.

And now, onto the fun stuff — black cat Halloween decorations that are so cute, you'll want them all. Apologize to your bank account in advance!

1. Thackery Binx Mug

Thackery Binx is everyone's favorite fictional Halloween black cat, so it only makes sense to include him in your decorating. This Hocus Pocus-themed mug is adorable, and perfect for your morning coffee and/or evening cup of tea. Or, if you want, you can use it as a decoration and just stick it on a shelf. Honestly, though, this can be used year-round, which is nice.

Thackery Binx Mug, $15, Etsy

2. Black Cat String Lights

String lights are a great decoration because they're easy to put up and instantly make any room look more cozy and cute. I'm obsessed with these little string lights of black cat faces, perfect for around your bed, on any shelf, or even just hanging on the wall.

Halloween Cat String Lights, $34.95, Crate and Barrel

3. Glowing Eyes Cat

Looking for a traditional Halloween decoration? This black cat statue is an awesome option. Set it on your stairs or any corner of your place and creep everyone out with its glowing green eyes.

Black Cat with Glowing Eyes, $39.99, Grandinroad

4. Black Cat Sign

If you have black cats of your own, this wooden sign if a perfect addition to your home. Put it on a shelf with some candles and fake leaves, or place it in a front window to warn everyone.

Primitive Halloween Wooden Sign, $15.95, Etsy

5. Black Cat Print

I can't get enough of this black cat canvas print, which is very simple but manages to be the perfect mix of spooky and creepy — exactly right for Halloween. Plus, while this is clearly a great decoration, it can really be hung up year-round.

Cat Canvas Print, $79, Birchlane

6. Black Cat Pumpkin Holders

If you're thinking of putting pumpkins outside, but don't have the energy, time, or will power to actually carve or decorate them, you should get these pumpkin holders. Simply plop the pumpkin into them, and bam — you've got the cutest pumpkins on the block.

Plow & Hearth Cat Pumpkin Holder Set, $23.99, Wayfair

7. Black Cat Candle

I can't resist a candle any time of the year, and I especially can't resist a good holiday-themed candle — so you know I'm going to order this one. This black candle is decorated with a cute black cat image. This would look really good on a Halloween candlestick.

Crystal Journey Herbal Black Cat Pillar Candle, $17.95, Amazon

8. Black Cat and Moon Decoration

This black cat sitting on a moon decoration is so cute that it's hard to ignore. Look at that tiny little jack-o-lantern! Look at that glittery orange star! Look at that party hat on this cat! This is perfect for any shelf.

Glitter Black Cat On Moon, $24.95, Pier 1 Imports

9. Black Cat Glass

Drink your favorite pumpkin beer or apple cider out of this adorable Halloween glass. With a cute black cat and pumpkin image, it will make you smile every single time you use it. Get one for yourself, or get a few to use for your Halloween party.

Halloween Black Cat Clear Acrylic Tumbler, $3.95, Crate and Barrel

10. Black Cat Shower Curtain

This creepy shower curtain with its giant black cat face is such a fun and unexpected way to decorate for Halloween. And if you're looking for some quirky bathroom decor, leave it up past October 31.

Alexander Custom Scary Black Cat Eyes Halloween Shower Curtain, $20.09, Amazon

11. Black Cat Throw Pillow

With its glowing yellow eyes and eerily arched back, this black cat throw pillow is a comfy way to decorate any couch or bed. Get it in orange and black for Halloween colors, or do something different — the site offers a few different options.

Mercury Row Prima Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow, $42.99, Wayfair

12. Black Cat Towel

OK, yes, this little black cat tea towel/pot holder is kitschy AF, but it's also seriously adorable. If you have a kitchen of your own, it will liven up the whole area. Plus, having a pot holder and towel in one is super helpful!

Halloween Towel & Pot Holder Set, $8.37, Amazon

13. Black Cat Mantel Scarf

If you're looking for decorations that have a Halloween vibe but aren't scary, go for this mantel scarf. It's too cute for words! You can get it even if you don't have a fireplace — it would also work on a shelf.

Black Cat Mantel Scarf, $44.95, Pier 1 Imports

14. Black Cat Candle Holder

There is something so cute about this little black cat figurine, in her glittery mask and wings with a gold trick-or-treat bag that holds a tiny candle. Sure, it looks like something your grandma would love, but come on — it's Halloween. You're allowed to be a little cheesy.

Spooktacular Sophia Trick or Treat Votive Holder, $16.99, Yankee Candle

15. Black Cat Vine Wreath

Looking for something to hang on your front door or in a window? Consider this black cat vine wreath, which is earthy and cool and very cute. If you're a cat lover, take the orange bow off and use it year round.

Black Cat Shaped Vine Wreath, $34.50, Amazon

16. Black Cat Figurine

This little decoration is beyond adorable. Every detail is perfect and I'm obsessed with the creepy grin on this cat's face.

Glitter Party Cat, $19.95, Pier 1 Imports

17. Black Cat Sign

How great is this sign? "Home sweet haunted home" might become the name of my house. Put this wooden sign outside near your front door, on a window sill, or literally anywhere else.

Black Cat Sign, $19.99, Etsy

18. Pumpkin and Cat Metal Door Decor

This black cat metal decoration is meant to hang on a front door and make everyone who looks at it smile. How could you not?

Pumpkin & Kitty Metal Halloween Door Decoration, $11.99, Amazon