'Game of Thrones' Nikolaj Coster-Waldau & Cameron Diaz's Affair Is More Fiction Than Reality

Maybe Jaime Lannister has... er, less-than-moral tastes in whom he chooses to bed (heyy-o, Cersei), but the actor who plays him is strictly into his wife. Despite recent claims, Game of Thrones actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Cameron Diaz's alleged affair is total fiction. Still, Diaz is a pretty big fan of his work.

She said, "Oh, Nikolaj is totally a leading man [...] Men aspire to be like him, which is the one thing all the leading men I've known have in common. Women aspire to, well, find a man like him." She also added that "he's really good-looking." (Well, no duh.)

While that might sound like something to make a wife worry, the actor's talent and smoldering looks are sort of just common knowledge. Moreover, his wife found the whole rumor laughable, since it spawned from a fan's confusion. Coster-Waldau's wife of 16 years, former Miss Greenland Nukaaka, said she cracked up when a fan sent her pictures of her husband and Diaz kissing. The photos were from the movie they were filming together. The two are co-starring in The Other Woman, which has Nick Cassavetes at the helm.

To make a less-than-generous parallel, this would be like a GoT fan sending Nukaaka a photo from Season 1 with claims that Coster-Waldau is involved with Lena Headey, commits incest, and EXISTS IN MEDIEVAL FICTIONAL LANDS.

The Danish actor told Details magazine in a recent interview (and quite a photo spread) that "there's an expression in Denmark [...] Don't fly any higher than your ears will carry you.' It means don't get cocky. Keep your feet solidly planted on the ground. Don't think you're special. Don't think you're better than anyone else [...] It's a fundamentally different approach than you have in America."

Surely this rings true when it comes to both his marriage and his newfound (and explosive) fame. If only Jaime Lannister took that advice... we'll have to see what happens with our one-handed antihero when the series returns on April 6!