Vogue's "The Cat and the Flat" Photo Spread Has Us in Fits of Laughter (and Tears)

Apparently, cats and flats are now Vogue-approved. The iconic magazine has just published a quirky photo spread featuring some very lucky felines and the most luxurious flats money can buy. Edited by Vogue's Jorden Bickham and entitled "The Cat and the Flat: Spring Shoes and Kittens Make the Perfect Pair," the spread encourages readers to try a lower-heeled shoe for Spring 2014, and perhaps adopt a cat while you're at it. The feline guest-stars of the piece are residents of New York animal shelters such as Bideawee, which Vogue shamelessly (and effectively) plugs with each photo.

With the soon-to-be-trending Twitter hashtag #catsandflats, Vogue promoted its humanitarian venture in inevitably chic fashion.

The photo captions not only wax poetic about each exquisite shoe, they also not-so-subtly encourage readers to run out and adopt a furry companion:

Buy these studded Mary Janes now and get a leg up on fall. Adopt Florence and have a lovely pal to purr with — and about.

One awww-inducing caption mentions the cat's traumatic history to hasten readers to an adoption shelter:

When supersweet Florence first arrived at the Bideawee shelter she had a broken jaw. She approves of the slip-free rubber and neoprene slides for pedals and pool parties.

Vogue's Instagram further promoted the feature with a pair of fluffy cats and swoon-worthy Chanel sandals.

We're not sure if Vogue simply decided to do more to support needy causes or the cats were just too precious to pass up, but we're always excited to see fashion combined with philanthropy. These cool cats may even give Karl Lagerfeld's beloved Choupette some competition for most fashionable feline. Meanwhile, we'll spend the rest of the day daydreaming about adopting one of our own (and a pair of Manolo Blahnik's from Bergdorf's).

Image: Vogue/Instagram