The New Teva x Ugg Collaboration Is So Weird, It's Actually Awesome

What happens when you mix the college girl's cozy staple and the crunchy, classically rugged sandal? You might not expect it, but the answer is a whole lot of awesomeness. If you live and breathe out-of-the-box fashion moves, then the new Ugg x Teva collaboration is going to be right up your alley.

The collection brings together two styles of shoes in unexpected harmony: One, a hiking-ready sandal that's lined with fur, and two, a winter boot with sandal-like cut-outs.

Are they practical? Maybe. But with a campaign slogan like "Suspend your disbelief," their target demographic might not be the group that buys fashion for its utility, but rather for it's conceptual elements. Then again, fans might purchase these unique shoes because of their utility — after all, isn't comfort, warmth, and durability what both Ugg and Teva are all about?

“The Teva x UGG collaboration allows us to celebrate expression of freedom while showcasing the innovation that is infused into each of our products,” says Wendy Yang, President of the Performance Lifestyle Group at Deckers Brands said in a press release on Business Wire. “With this collaboration, we wanted to fuse the most iconic and loved elements from both brands and deliver them in a contemporary collection for the modern consumer.”

Ugg/Teva Hybrid, $225, UGG

Sure, some might look at the boots and scoff, and perhaps others will glance at the fur-trimmed sandals and wonder how it's possible their feet won't sweat endlessly.

For the skeptics out there, take a knee and remember Rihanna x Puma's fur lined pool slipper collaboration or the open-toe bootie sandal trend. These are not all that far off from the recent Ugg x Teva collaboration: All it takes is an open mind to visualize the styling possibilities.

If you're interested in flexing your sartorial muscles and incorporating these so-weird-they're-awesome looks, the Sandal and the Hybrid are available in shades like Black Iris, Dark Gull Gray, White, Navy, and Burnt Olive.

Ugg/Teva Sandal, $175, UGG

A pretty penny for bizarre shoes, or an investment towards a stand-out piece in an adventurous wardrobe? You decide, but remember: Sometimes, the best looks come from the most unlikely places.

Images: Courtesy Brands