6 Mommyblogs Non-Moms Will Want To Read

I don't have any children, and don't plan on any in the (very near) future. But I love reading mommyblogs. Maybe it's because I've worked in childcare forever, or maybe it's because I'm weird and like life-stalking people I don't even know via the Internet. Or maybe, I'm into having a little window into what my life might look like in a few years (yeah, it's that one). Regardless, reading mom blogs has taught me that they're not necessarily all MY NIPPLES ARE BLEEDING FROM BREASTFEEDING AHH and potty-training horror stories. In fact, the blogs I follow are all nuanced, interesting personal blogs that chronicle a real woman's life: Instagram-filtered sunny days, runny noses, and everything else.

Here, six of my favorite blogs that just happen to be written by mothers:

1. Enjoy It By Elise Blaha Cripe: OK, Elise just had a baby last month, so she's hardly a full-on mommyblogger, but her weekly letters to her newborn daughter Ellerie almost always make me cry. I also love to follow along with her crafting, cooking, and decorating — her creativity is seriously inspiring.

2. Girl's Gone Child: I've been reading Rebecca Woolf's blog since she was pregnant with her second child, Fable, (who is now almost five), and I still love it. Since then, she's published a memoir and had her third and fourth children, a set of unexpected twins. I love Girl's Gone Child because it's the perfect mix of pretty Los Angeles hipster eye candy, beautiful writing, and heart-breaking honesty. Bonus: Rebecca's mom, Wendy, contributes killer healthy recipes once a week.

3. Sweet Milks: Taylor's writing about raising her two kids in a dorm on the University of Virginia campus is routinely awesome. You can catch her "Big Mom On Campus" column at McSweeney's, too.

4. Dear Baby: Melissa of Dear Baby chronicles her life in North Carolina with her adorable children and handsome musician husband. I love her Work Clothes/Play Clothes style posts, as well as her openness about her feelings on being the primary breadwinner for her family.

5. Cakies: Four little girls with unusual names, personal style, homeschooling, recipes, and gardening, all with a hefty dose of unabashed love for her family and husband. That's what characterizes Rubyellen's blog, Cakies. I've been reading Rubyellen for years and never tire of her awesome style and refreshing spin on family life.

6. The Haps: Mandy's blog was originally named after her (adorable enough to induce ovarian spasms) daughter Harper, but since she's pregnant with her second child (a boy), it's now called The Haps. Mandy is a funny writer with a great sense of style and real, sarcastic take on raising a kid, being a woman, and just doing this whole crazy thing called life.