Maisie Williams' Emmys Handbag Was A Geometric Dream — PHOTOS

Maisie Williams' is known for her style and acting, and her incredible performance in Game of Thrones and her Emmy nomination is one of the most notable achievements thus far. One thing you can't miss about Williams, though, is her handbag game. Maisie Williams' 2016 Emmys bag was super unique , which is pretty expected for the perennially stylish star. A similar bag has been a staple for her during the entire Emmys' weekend, and Williams is proving that you can basically repeat an accessory despite what so-called style "rules" may dictate.

The triangle-shaped bag is definitely unlike any other accessory Williams has been seen sporting before this week. While everyone is always on the lookout for another winner like her famous frog purse during a Jimmy Kimmel appearance or her 2015 Emmys penguin purse, Williams kept it a bit simpler for the 2016 awards.

However, that doesn't mean Williams' red carpet bag wasn't unique. The geometric accessory was distinct for its shape, and Williams has been sporting a similar one throughout the Emmy weekend. While some could criticize the Game of Thrones star for rocking a similar accessory to others she's worn during the weekend, all fans of Williams know that she's not afraid to be different and it makes it even easier to love her.


The geometric bag definitely wins the award for most unique shape. Between this and Millie Bobby Brown's clutch, all bag goals have been met this year.


Sure, the purse wasn't animal-shaped or bejeweled, but it let the rest of her ensemble shine, including Williams' new (albeit clip-in) bangs.


Williams, along with the rest of the Game of Thrones cast, clearly showed up to the Emmy red carpet to slay it, and they all totally did.