17 Sophie Turner Instagrams To Get Your 'GoT' Fix

Fans have a long way to go before any new Game of Thrones episodes arrive, but while the show's many characters won't be on our screens anytime soon, the actors who play them are still living their lives, and thankfully documenting them on social media. Sansa, AKA Sophie Turner, has an Instagram that's an especially good resource for Game of Thrones fans to get a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes of the show. Filming for Season 7 just began this summer, and while there haven't been many images from the upcoming season yet, it appears that the cast spends a lot of time together regardless.

From Maisie Williams's funny vines to pictures of Kit Harington actually smiling, Turner's Instagram shows the cast of a dark, serious show like Game of Thrones goofing around and actually having fun together. It's nice to see that while the Stark children on GoT may have been forced to grow up way too fast, the actors who play them are just kids and teens having a truly great time. Turner's Instagram is a mix of glamorous celebrity red carpet images, Game of Thrones references, and pictures of her hanging out with her friends like any 20-year-old would. Here are 17 of her Instagrams that will get GoT fans pumped for the new season.

Chilling With Her "Sis"

Arya's double fisting it.

When She Was Bribed

Remember back when nobody knew?

Fraternizing With The Enemy

But it's still cute.

Check Out Her Tattoo

Is that a direwolf? Unfortunately not, but she looks great..


The ladies of Game of Thrones are looking good.

Promoting Season 6

But Sansa's not dead...yet.

Maisie In Fur

Preparing for the coming winter.

And Out Of Costume

Getting ready for a night out, it looks like.

A Christmas Pup


The Best Friendship


And More

Looking very fancy this time.

Hangin' With Varys

An unlikely friendship.

More Lady

Turner adopted the dog who plays her direwolf, Zunni.

And Even More

So sweet.

Hanging With Prince Trystane


And With Oberyn

Margaery gets photo credz.

And Finally..

Too cute.

There's a lot of time before Season 7 comes out, but in the meantime, might I recommend checking out Maisie Williams's, Emilia Clarke's, and Carice van Houten's Instagrams, too? They're sure to start posting behind-the-scenes pics before long.