9 Halloween Memes To Share On Facebook

Already feeling excited about Halloween? If you are, then you have something in common with these Halloween memes. (Well, all of them except for Grumpy Cat, but that's still eight out of nine! Those aren't bad odds.) Halloween makes up nine percent of the country's favorite holiday, and that's not too shabby seeing as it has Christmas and Thanksgiving to compete with. Whether you're in that nine percent of the U.S. population or not, chances are you still enjoy the day. I mean, really, how can anyone not? It's Halloween!

So how does one summarize Halloween? Free candy? Playing dress-up for a day and night? Carving pumpkins and leaving them on your doorstep? It's difficult to nail the holiday down to just one tradition, but fortunately, these hilarious memes are able to cover it all. Thank goodness for the world wide web, because I don't know what this country would do without ridiculous memes to get us through every holiday.

If you're just not in the mood yet to begin celebrating one of the most entertaining holidays of the year, then hopefully these memes will get you feeling inspired. At the very least, they will get you laughing. That's something, right?

I think you're the only one, Grumpy Cat.

Nothing to see here, folks.

It's always a thin line to walk.

It always seems like so much!

This is a brilliant idea.

You heard the pumpkin!

Nope. No way, no how.

Free candy and a whole day of dress-up? Who can blame you?

True that.

Images: Pixabay; MemeCenter