Halloween Memes That Will Make You Actually LOL

Don't think Halloween can be funny? Prepare to be shocked: These funny Halloween memes that demonstrate just how many things there are to laugh about on Oct. 31 will definitely prove you wrong. And trust me, there are quite a few things worth laughing about on Halloween — from dogs wearing costumes to hilarious Halloween treats.

Of course, this shouldn't be a surprise. Halloween offers a lot of reasons to be joyous, including the opportunity to stuff yourself full on candy (with the exception of candy corn... does anyone actually like that stuff?), as well as the opportunity to carve cute faces into pumpkins (which usually just end up looking like mutated monsters, I don't know about you). Like Halloween, these memes also offer a lot of reasons to be joyous, making them the perfect way to prep yourself for Oct. 31.

Spend some time this week getting into the spooky, holiday spirit. Cover your home with cobwebs, stock up on discounted candy from the drugstore, get to sewing that "horrific" costume you've always wanted to make, and last — but certainly not least — take a look at these hilarious memes while you let out a few pre-Halloween giggles.

I'd tell you that you can have all of mine.

Whoever decorated this: seriously insensitive.

Sucks to be that dude.

I'd take it. Ramen is delicious.


...yup. He is.

That's actually not a horrible idea.

I would too if I were you, Grumpy Cat.

This is me on Halloween.

Messed up, pet owners (but also hilarious).


She's not exaggerating, Cinderella.

Images: MemeCenter (12)