Chelsea Handler Brilliantly Confronts Adam Carolla About Women in Late Night — VIDEO

We all know that there are a ton of reigning comedy queens, including a very ballsy, mouthy, smart and funny lady who will call you out on your crap, and the Chelsea Lately host is one of them. Chelsea Handler confronted Adam Carolla on her show because he failed to list her as one one of the "women who can really kill it" on late night television. We all know that Handler kills it on a nightly basis, so "forgetting" her really wasn't going to fly.

Not to mention, this is not Carolla's first faux pas when it comes to women in comedy. His ignorance makes it look like he's been living under for a substantial amount of time. In 2012, he foolishly stated that men are funnier than women (and as we all know, gender and comedic ability do not run on an X-Y axis).

Beyond that, Handler doesn't take dismissals lightly. In her editorial for the Huffington Post, "No One Puts Baby In Parentheses," she took issue with the fact that her time spent on late night television only earned a place in parentheses in Bill Carter's New York Times essay, "Bullish On Boyish." If she's not okay with parentheses, you can bet your ass she won't be okay with being forgotten.

So when Carolla tried to defend himself, he didn't look too good. Fortunately for all of us, we have the privilege of watching Handler take out her lady-balls and confront a guy who — for the most part — has a tough time defending himself.