Matt Damon & Jimmy Kimmel Are Funny Emmy Rivals

It's hard to be the host of an awards show — and it's even harder when you're nominated for one of the awards and you don't win it. Emmy host Jimmy Kimmel faced that reality during the Emmys on Sunday night, but he seemed to be at peace with it. That is, until his longtime so-called rival Matt Damon appeared at the 2016 Emmys to rib Jimmy Kimmel and reignite their hilarious "feud." Damon strolled onto the stage at the Microsoft Theater while munching on an apple, right after the category Kimmel was nominated in had been announced — and right after comedian John Oliver took home the Emmy for Best Variety Talk show. And boy, did Damon playfully rub salt in that wound.

Damon dished some of the usual passive aggression that fans have come to love about the Kimmel and Damon "feud." The fight (which is mostly fake, let's be real) has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for years, so fans were likely to recognize it immediately. "I had [Oliver] in my pool," Damon told Kimmel on stage, before adding, "Oh, I'm sorry. This is so humiliating, you lost and now you have to stand out here when you just want to go home, curl up, and cry." Kimmel pouted for a bit, until Damon called that the audience cheer up the host. "He's a big loser," Damon continued. "Give him a big round of applause." Damon went in for a hug, saying, "I think everyone here feels really sorry for you," — but Kimmel did not hug back.

As Damon left, he added the legendary line: "Tell your mom I like them apples." This, of course, is a throwback to Damon's famous line in the movie Good Will Hunting.

Even at the Emmys, Damon and Kimmel know how to hilariously feud it up — apples and all. Watch the moment below.