Candace Cameron Bure's Outfits on 'Dancing With The Stars' Aim to "Represent the Moms"

Don't expect D.J. Tanner to be a sexy thang on Dancing With The Stars. Candace Cameron Bure plans on wearing modest attire while she competes on the popular dance competition show. In fact, she wants to be a role model to the young girls watching. You hear that? You don't have to be a sexy and half naked to be a good dancer!

But let's hold the phone for a hot second. Cameron Bure, post Full House, has been spending her time showing us how to be a good Christian wife with her book Balancing It All. You really CAN have it all! But being a mom (she's got three kids — Natasha, who is 15, Lev, who is 14, and Maksim, who's 12, with her husband NHL star Valeri Bure) is the most important thing to her. She said to her partner Mark Ballas, "I'm not gonna be your sexy girl; I'm a mom of three kids, so I want to look good and feel beautiful, but I will probably stay on the more modest end of costuming."

Like pilgrim attire or '70s full-body unitard? Or just not a bikini? (Oh PLEASE somebody dance in a pilgrim-style ensemble on DWTS.)

Her goal? She really wants to be a source of inspiration to all the moms out there watching DWTS... because hey, moms can have clean, healthy, non-sexy fun while dancing, too. (You hear that, moms?) She said, "I want to represent all the moms out there and inspire them and encourage them [...] I'm just a woman, I'm not any different than all the moms out there — my priority is my family, my husband, my kids and so this for me is truly just a joy."

Just one thing: not all moms were D.J. Tanner.

Still, her dancing skills seem to be helping her out (without the sexy costumes!), since she scored an impressive 25 points with her contemporary dancing on Monday's Season 18 premiere. Perhaps she'll need to write a sequel — Balancing It All And Dancing Like A Mom In Modest Clothing 'Cause I Am Not Your Sexy Girl, Mark Ballas.

Or a country album. That definitely sounds like a country album. Any word if D.J. can sing?