14 'Stranger Things' T-Shirts All About Barb

Every few decades, humanity comes along with something that’s so inspired — so engaging — that everyone everywhere jumps on the bandwagon. In the '60s, it was The Beatles. In the '90s, it was the choker necklace. Now, it’s Barb from Stranger Things. Why are people obsessing over this frumpy BFF character? Why does every group message in my phone contain at least one All Hail Our New Queen Barb hashtag? Why can you buy countless Stranger Things T-shirts with Barb’s face on them? Let’s explore this mind-blowing question together.

In a show that’s got badass van-flipping characters like Eleven and hilarious one-liner geniuses like Dustin, I’m guessing that people are naturally gravitating toward Barb because she’s just so damn relatable. Everyone has felt like the sidekick in someone else’s storyline. Everyone has been loyal and logical to a fault, only to be left in the figurative Upside Down to rot. We’ve all worn jeans up to our bra lines and glasses we later regret in the name of “Just shut up I like them,” and Barb’s got one simple message for all of us: It’s okay to be authentic, quirky, and not-all-that perfect. Be a Barb in a world full of Nancys with these epic T-shirts to fuel your Barbara from Stranger Things obsession.

RIP Those Fantastic Jeans

Forever Barb T-Shirt (S-6XL), $22-$27, Amazon

How could anyone not love this expertly created Forever Barb T-shirt, which really draws the eye to her signature hip-hugging jeans? This one’s professionally custom-printed, so you know you’re getting quality alongside your daily dose of Barb.

Keep The Queen Alive In Your Hearts

Queen Of The Upside Down (S-3XL) , $27, Red Bubble

If you’re disgusted by the fact that everyone went crazy looking for Will but no one gave a flying futon about Barb, this Queen of the Upside Down shirt would make a wonderful addition to your closet. It comes in 18 different colors, each with a lightweight and soft material, so you can rock your support in the most comfortable way possible.

Showcase Your Individuality

Barbara Stranger Things Shirt (XS-XL), $31, Redbubble

This cute and stylish Barbara Stranger Things shirt features the Queen with a sassy smirk, two arms full of books, and her own shirt which reads, “Barbs Do Better” — an awesome way to show everyone how much you believe in the importance of being yourself. It also comes in seven colors.

In A World Full Of Nancys…

Be A Barb Tee (S-XXL), $30, Amazon

Truer words have never been spoken: In A World Full Of Nancys, Be A Barb. This awesome tee is custom printed, super soft, and has a rib-knit collar and sleeves for a cool sporty look.

A Beautiful Portrait Of This Martyr

Barb Portrait Relaxed Shirt (XS-XL), $30, Redbubble

For a relaxed fit and a wide comfortable neck, there’s this Barb Portrait shirt. It shows an artistic representation of the lovely Barbara, looking fantastic in her pink whatever-that-piece-of-clothing-is, and reviewers say it’s a nice material with an awesome quality print.


Barb T-Shirt (S-3XL) , $25, Red Bubble

No one wears blue eyeshadow like Barb wears blue eyeshadow.

Ask Yourself This Question Every Day Of Your Life

What Would Barb Do (XS-XXL), $34-$36, Amazon

Simple, yet oh-so eloquent, this What Would Barb Do shirt brings the classic baseball-tee look to a question that should dominate every decision you make. It’s got finer thread for a lightweight yet durable build, and it’s really soft and comfortable.

Never Forget This Bifocaled Spirit Animal

What About Barb (S-XL), $18-$26, Amazon

A great question, inanimate cotton T-shirt: What about Barb? This awesome shirt mimics the Stranger Things logo and implores that no one ever forgets about our queen and spirit animal.

Adorable, Yet Heart-Wrenching

Miss You Barb T Shirt (S-XL), $17, Amazon

In your choice of two colors, the Miss You Barb T-shirt features Barb’s beautiful face in a two-tone design that’s both adorable and heart-wrenching.

Get Barb On The Ballot

Barbara Holland For President (S-XL), $20, Amazon

Not really digging Trump or Clinton? This Barbara Holland For President shirt shows that your priorities are right where they should be this voting season. It’s made entirely from cotton and comes in five different colors and three different fits.

Share Barb’s Expert Advice

Barb Third Wheel Shirt (S-XL), $19, Amazon

We’ve all been the third wheel before, and this Barb Third Wheel shirt says so many things at once: Barb’s a great friend, Steve’s a creep, and Nancy needs to learn to take some damn good advice already. It’s lightweight with a classic fit, and it’s got durable hems for many long-lasting washes.

This Birb/Barb Crossover

Stranger Birbs V-Neck (S-XXL), $20, LookHuman

Combining the internet meme “birb” with Barb, this Stranger Birbs V-neck is a definite winner. It’s made with a mix of cotton, rayon, and polyester for a slim, comfortable fit, and in comes in eight different styles from hoodie to a baby one-piece.

Barb Is Bae

Barb is Bae (S-XL), $20-$29, Amazon

Excuse me while I carve this saying onto everything I own, from my heirloom watch to my car. This Barb is Bae shirt knows what’s up, and it’s made from a lightweight knit jersey material that’s long, comfortable, and durable.

In Loving Memory Of The Queen

In the Loving Memory of Queen Barb (S-XL), $19, Amazon

No true supporter can overlook the fact that Barb’s rotting in a hellish alternate dimension because of the negligence of her so-called friends. Avenge her death with this In the Loving Memory of Queen Barb shirt, which comes in five different colors and three different fit types.

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