"I Can't Even" Parody Sketch Is Literally the Best — VIDEO

I can't even. You can't even. He/she/we/ze/they can't even. It's like literally the best ever and I'm like literally dying, you know what I'm saying? Because this video where an inability to can almost literally kills this woman is on point. Because who hasn't been there, y'know? The video comes courtesy of Garlic Jackson Comedy, and depicts a boyfriend trying to save his girlfriend's life as she goes into Beyonce shock. And it's pretty funny.

I will note that I don't exactly appreciate the angle this video takes in that it is only people of the female persuasion who are so heavily compelled to watch Beyonce and/or overuse their "literallys" and their "cans." Because for one she's Beyonce, she's for everyone, and for another, it was Parks and Rec's Chris Traeger, a male individual, who really let the literallys fly in a way that made us all realize how often we were using and misusing that phrase. Luckily, though, the end of the sketch does begin to touch on that.

Still, the video is funny, and it makes solid points about the way our language has evolved over just the last few years. Because, yes, I will cop to having used the phrase "YAAASSSS" a minimum of three times yesterday alone. And yes, this video does depict the proper reaction to any video containing Beyonce.

GarlicJacksonComedy on YouTube

Image: Garlic Jackson Comedy/ Youtube