Who Is Seth Meyers’ Brother? 5 Reasons You’re Already Familiar With Josh Meyers

With Seth Meyer's move to Late Night, questions arise that you might not have pondered before and at Bustle we're here to help. For instance: What is Seth Meyers least favorite food? Does Seth Meyers prefer strolls on the beach or a getaway in a big city? Boxers of briefs? Uh... we can't help with any of those, but what about his brother? Anyone wanna know about Seth Meyers' brother? That one we have the answer to! Seth Meyer's brother is Josh Meyers and you might know him aside from his relation to late night TV's newest addition.

Here are 5 reasons you might recognize Josh Meyers:

1. That 70s Show

Are you thinking, "I knew someone's brother was on That 70s Show, but I thought maybe it was Seth Green?" Well, it wasn't; although Green was on the show himself. Meyers played Randy Pearson, a character who was a new addition during the eighth season after Kelso and Eric left, so if you don't recognize him, that's totally cool.

2. Mad TV

Meyers was a cast member on MADtv from 2002 through 2004. Seth Meyers started working at Saturday Night Live in 2001. Ooooh! Sibling rivalry!

3. Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Josh joined Seth during multiple Late Night with Jimmy Fallon episodes to play the "Sibling Game." In the clip below they reveal that as children they wrote a song for their mother called "Mommy Come Back."

4. The Mindy Project

Meyers appeared as Adam in a season one episode titled "Pretty Man." Was he the pretty man? If you watch The Mindy Project you know the answer to that and you now know why the guy in the picture above looks familiar.

5. From Stalking Tumblr

Apparently there are pictures of Seth and Josh as children on Tumblr and they are adorable. Josh, who is two years younger, is (likely) the smaller one hugging the dog.

Image: Barazi/Tumblr