Kylie's BFF Jordyn Is Super Career Focused

Those who have found themselves in the Kardashian or Jenner friend inner circle have amassed a fan following of their own. Many of Kylie Jenner's best friends are making headlines and careers for themselves, like Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods. Woods has been involved in the cool kid Hollywood world long enough that she calls Will Smith her "uncle," so she knows what's up. While more is now known about her life, like her up-and-coming modeling career, it's inevitable to wonder if Woods is dating anyone herself, considering she's usually spotted with Jenner and her boyfriend, Tyga.

It usually looks like Woods is the third wheel when spotted out with Jenner and Tyga, and I haven't seen nor heard any talk of Woods dating anyone. As far as I can tell, with the lack of photos and comments about a relationship — and she is very active on social media, after all — I would say that Woods probably isn't dating anyone right now, at least not seriously. One must remember that Woods is an 18-year-old woman living a very unordinary life, full of jet-setting, fashion weeks, and photo shoots, so a normal relationship is probably not in the cards at the moment.

In fact, Woods spoke to Galore in April and said about dating,

"Dating is very weird! Social media or not, this generation has a strange idea of what a relationship is. You can just scroll through someone’s Instagram and get an idea of who they are, and it leaves no mystery to a person. I would say a lot of boys already know who I am before they even start talking to me. I’m OK with that, as long as I can tell that there are no negative intentions."

So, this essentially confirms that given her new social media stardom, dating is not very easy for her. While it seems like she isn't in a serious relationship right now, her fans always seem to be curious about her dating status:

Woods didn't reply to that fan tweet about her dating life (nor this one that has some more NSFW language), but I think it's probably because she is on the verge of her own career blowing up, that having a significant other is not her highest priority. Currently, she's signed as a model with Wilhemina Curve, and she recently launched a collaboration with BooHoo.

As it seems, Woods is very busy with her modeling career and traveling between Los Angeles and NYC, so I don't think she's got any time to be dating anyone right now. She's got better things to do, anyway.