Syfy's 'Ghost Shark' Is the Next 'Sharknado', Only With, You Know, Ghost Sharks

We're all going to have to invest in wolf urine, or whatever it is that may repel sharks, because they're becoming a problem. After they were whirled ashore in a twister of man-eating realness in Syfy's Sharknado, they're now back in the water for Syfy's Ghost Shark.

No, Ghost Shark isn't the Sharknado sequel you've been hoping for, but it is another original movie promised to make you laugh almost as hard as the Ghost Shark producers did after they came up with this idea over a couple rounds of piña coladas. And Everclear.

Sharknado was a massive hit for the network, and Ghost Shark's poised to draw in those who loved that movie, and those who regretted missing it. Premiering August 22, this might be another huge win for Syfy, and another huge loss for shark P.R.