9 Nerdy Plus Size Costumes That Aren't Cosplay

Halloween is the perfect time of year to let your freak flag fly and embrace anything you adore, full force. For those who can't afford to cosplay regularly (or simply don't want to), finding the perfect nerdy plus size costume for this year's Halloween parties may be the only time you get to celebrate your nerdiness in all its glory.

Take pride in knowing your costume is culturally relevant, has many, many references and will be totally adored by those who get where you're coming from - some of the best friends you can make are on Halloween, where you can connect with people who have costumes that are just as nerdy as yours. With this in mind, take the time out of your night out to compliment other people's costumes and share that nerd love.

As a plus size person though, it can be harder to get a great plus size Halloween costume together. You either have to spend half a million or plan months in advance to get your costume together. That said, if you know the right corners of the web to look in - including stores that aren't actually selling Halloween costumes - it can be easier than you think.

These outfits might make no sense in their separate parts but put together, they make a great nerdy Halloween costume.

1. The 11th Doctor

If you're a giant Doctor Who fan, then get ready to rock the most iconic Doctor outfit, the 11th Doctor. These items come together to create the ultimate Whovian look: All you need is a tweed blazer, a red bow tie and a some plaid pants. If the ones below don't take your fancy, or you already have these clothing items at home, this costume is a lot more open to interpretation.

Plus Size Eleventh Doctor Jacket (One Size), $50, Halloween Costumes

Plaid Stretch Pants (Available to Size 30), $41, Torrid

Bow Tie In Burgundy, $8, ASOS

2. Harley Quinn

Fresh out of Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is the perfect character to play for any comic book nerd. While you're rocking this costume, you can also educate everyone on all the facts about Harley Quinn. This look is based on the newest interpretation of Harley Quinn, as acted by Margot Robbie, and kind of depends on getting the right, specific elements together.

Blonde Wig With Detachable Pigtails, $33, Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Raglan Tee (Available to 5x), $30, Hot Topic

Harley Quinn Spandex Shorts (Available to 5x), $38, Etsy

3. Princess Leia

Dressing up as Princess Leia is instantly recognizable in nerd world (and just about everywhere else), so you don't have to worry about being too obscure at your Halloween party this year. This is a pretty iconic look but if you can get your hair in those buns, don't worry about purchasing a wig. If you can't? A wig can be included when purchasing the costume below.

Princess Leia Costume (Available to 9x), $50, Sanctuarie Designs

Lace Up Gladiator Sandals (Available to 13), $39, Torrid

4. Dr. Crusher

For those who are more into Star Trek than Star Wars, Halloween this year is just waiting for you to execute the perfect Dr. Crusher costume.

Ginger Celebrity Wig, $22, Amazon

Custom Star Trek Costume (Available in Blue, up to 4x), $59, Etsy

Grey Straight Leg Pants (Available to Size 28), $42, Evans

5. Brienne Of Tarth

The most underrated character on Game Of Thrones, Brienne of Tarth is a curveball that people may not be expected to see this Halloween but who will definitely be appreciated as a costume. This is another costume where you have to be pretty specific to get it right and it's doubtful you already have a full set of armour in your wardrobe just in case you needed this costume.

Short Blonde Wig, $10, Amazon

Warrior Armour Costume (Available to 4x), $149, Etsy

Plate Mail Armour Leggings (Up to 4x), $23, Etsy

6. Link

Link from The Legend Of Zelda may be an animation from a game, but that doesn't make him any less fun to dress up as this Halloween. Thanks to the glory of the internet, Link's shield and costume isn't hard to come by so you can dress up at this character totally authentically.

Legend Of Zelda Shield, $45, Etsy

Classic Link Costume (Available to 2x), $30, Halloween Costumes

7. Misty

Misty from Pokemon was the first girl crush for many of us, and the sense of nostalgia this costume will bring you makes it the perfect pick for Halloween 2016. Although the two piece includes a skirt, all you're really looking for is a yellow t-shirt so if you have one? Just wear that. Same goes for the denim shorts! If you have a pair already, you're good to go for your Misty costume.

Cosplay Orange Wig, $23, Amazon

Yellow Skater Set (Available to 5x), $36, Reb Dolls

Distressed Denim Short (Available to Size 20), $24, ASOS

Solid Red Suspenders, $8, Amazon

8. Gandalf

Lord of the Rings nerds know that Gandalf the Gray is the OG Gandalf, but you could easily replace the cloak and hat with white versions to level up to Gandalf the White.

Premium Gandalf Costume, $190, Halloween Costumes

Gandalf Wig And Beard Set, $34, Amazon

9. Leela

You may be wondering how exactly you can dress up as a cyclops for Halloween but it is possible and here's how you do it. Wear the cyclops mask on your forehead so you get the Leela effect but still have a way to see at the Halloween party.

Ultimate Cami Vest, $13, ASOS

Black Cotton Legging, $19, ASOS

Cyclops Sleep Mask, $11, Etsy

Purple Cosplay Wig, $20, Amazon

Some of these costumes may be easy to make with items you already have in your wardrobe - everyone has a pair of black leggings lying around somewhere - but others you do have to invest in. But once you have? You'll have a great, nerdy costume on hand for any fancy dress party.

Images: BBC; Warner Bros Pictures; 20th Century Fox; NBC; HBO; Nintendo; TV Tokyo; New Line Cinema; FOX; Courtesy Brands