Justin Bieber Is Leaving California For The Dirty South & There's No Turning Back Now

GOODBYE, TO YOU! That's what our favorite love-to-hate bad boy is singing to the Golden State. Justin Bieber is moving out of his California house. Who's moving in? Khloe Kardashian. This is what Hollywood paparazzo's dreams are made of.

But let's focus on our antihero for a moment — let's pontificate over his move. Perhaps Bieber is seeking a fresh, clean start (LOL NOT LIKELY), as he moves on east to Atlanta, or, you know — the dirty south. HOTLANTA! There's no turning back to the temptations that live and breathe in L.A.; Bieber has sold all of his property that he had out west, so this move is looking permanent.

Now, the Biebs has been saying for sometime that he has wanted to head to Atlanta, like it's some sort of city of bliss or something. After all, it's the a city of hip hop, where bad boys coalesce for the sake of dirrrrty rap, and we know how Biebs fits in with the bad boy crew ("very well" if this is a point system based on run-ins with the law). But back in February, his neighbors-to-be protested that they didn't want Biebs invading their hometown. Now that he's sold all of his land and has nowhere else to go... if they give them the oust... where will he turn? (Cue dramatic moment.)

Perhaps into the past? That seems like a far more comforting place:

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Oh, wait. Time travel is not possible. Not even in Hollywood.