John Travolta's 'In A Valley of Violence' Needs These 7 Things To Be Amazingly Bad

In perhaps what is the unlikeliest of on-screen duos, John Travolta and Ethan Hawke are set to co-star in an upcoming horror film called In a Valley of Violence. According to an exclusive at the Hollywood Reporter, the film is, “a Western horror set in the 1890s.” So far no other major details of the film have been released. Does this mean John Travolta and Ethan Hawke are zombie-fighting cowboys? Are the ghosts of those killed in the gold rush coming back to haunt the greedy benefactors of the movement? Just how many snakes are we talking here?

Jason Blum and Ti West are behind the film — both of whom are responsible for some of the most unsettling horror films in recent years. Blum is the fella that brought you Paranormal Activity and West made such nightmare-inducing gorefests like VHS (Not recommended as "rapey" is one of the adjectives I would use to describe the 45 minutes I could stomach of this film) and The Innkeepers. So ya know, good luck sleeping after a movie called IN A VALLEY OF VIOLENCE.

Based on the title, premise, and casting choices alone this movie sounds so ridiculous that it’s actually kind of incredible. Here are all of the amazingly bad things this movie needs in order to be the most campy amazingly bad horror film of this century.


Preferrably aliens from the Planet Za.

Image: lionessclub/Tumblr


That are dancing to a minor-key version of “Single Ladies,” no less.

Image: bitchvonassbutt/Tumblr

A Diarrhea Scene

Because hopefully by the time filming begins YOLO is still a thing.


Gratuitous Full-Frontal Nudity

Never enough.

Image: WiffleGif

A Nicolas Cage Cameo

Maybe he’ll be one of the dancing skeletons.

Image: tripnstumbl/Tumblr

A 'Grease' Call-Back

Or would it be more of a visit from the future since this takes place in the 1890s? Speaking of which…


Time Travel

Oooooh and maybe it happens through a magical mailbox like the Keanu Reeves/Sandra Bullock time traveling rom-com classic The Lake House.

Image: starscream-and-hutch/Tumblr