The New Bronze Kyliner Is A Metallic Dream

For anyone who is obsessed with Kylie Jenner's metallic lip kits, today is your lucky day: The 18-year-old beauty superstar just announced two brand new metallic Kyliner kits. On Tuesday afternoon, @Kylizzlemynizzl took to Snapchat (as always) and showed off two shimmery shades that she'll be adding to the eye makeup line of Kylie Cosmetics. "Bronze" and "Chameleon" are both brown-based metallics that will come in both an eye pencil and a gel creme eyeliner. So what does the new "Bronze" Kyliner look like?

The Bronze Kyliner is a gorgeous brown-gold shade that will be the perfect compliment to any of the shades in Kylie's bronze palette, especially Goldstone and Topaz. It looks prettttyyy similar to the "KING K" metallic lip gloss, but goes on shiny instead of matte (and is obviously meant for your eyes, not your lips!)

If you think this shade looks familiar, you're not alone, but Jenner was quick to reassure her fans that the new bronze shade is very different than the "dark bronze" she released as part of her birthday kits — that one was limited addition, this one will be a permanent part of her line (until it sells out, that is).

"Bronze" and "Chameleon" will launch on on Friday, Sept. 23 at 1 p.m. PT. Get your credit cards ready!

Here is the bronze gel creme eyeliner:

And here are comparison swatches of "Bronze" and "Chameleon":

You've got that right, Ms. Jenner — we all have major heart-eyes over these new shades.

Images: Kylizzlemynizzl/Snapchat