Is 'Southern Charm's Kathryn Pregnant? Thomas Ravenel's Lady Could Be Hiding Something

During Monday night’s Southern Charm, Kathryn C. Dennis, a descendant of John C. Calhoun, confronted Thomas Ravenel at Jenna King’s backyard soiree. She told him she’s none too pleased with him because 1) he pursued another woman right after he hooked up with her, and 2) they didn’t use protection. Long story short: Dennis might be with Ravenel’s child. I am not a patient person (What do you mean I may have to wait a few eps for an answer?!), so naturally, I got to researching on the Internet. A sampling of my search terms: “kathryn c. dennis + pregnant + thomas ravenel,” “Is Kathryn C. Dennis pregnant?,” “Is Thomas Ravenel pregnant?,” “Does John C. Calhoun have another descendant on the way?,” et cetera.

Research is tough stuff, and my work yielded less than satisfactory results. I wanted, like, 110% confirmation. I wanted to read a statement from Dennis and/or Ravenel that answered any and all questions. I had no such luck.

The first thing I found? This little tidbit from a Mar. 2014 recap: “(spoiler alert…[Dennis] is about to have [Ravenel’s] child in ‘real time’).”


My only choice was to keep researching.

I wound up knee-deep in the comment section of a piece. I assume the readers/commenters are Charleston locals, so they must have some insight? Or maybe they’re just full o’ hot gossip/garbage? I don’t know. Here are a handful of excerpts for your perusal:

  • Commenter "A": “Kathryn Dennis is a pregnant Berkeley County twenty-one year old harlot with one arrest and two SC politicians under her belt.”

    A harlot? Really? That ain’t nice.Take it easy with the name calling, man.

  • Commenter "B": “spoil alert the baby is T’s.” 

    Hm, okay. I’ll make a mental note.
  • Commenter "C": “Fair warning: If the show ends with Kathryn Dennis 'losing the baby' due to stress, drugs, whatever.. Just know it was most likely that she had another abortion. Yep. ANOTHER. #KnewHerInCollege”

    Jesus Christ, commenter "C." Dial it down a notch.

Those were... something. 

What else did I stumble upon? Back in Nov. 2013, posted the following:

"According to multiple sources Ravenel, 51, is set to become a father."


"According to one of our sources, it was while taping the show that Ravenel became closely acquainted with the mother of his soon-to-be child, South Carolina socialite Kathryn Dennis."


"As recently as this month, Dennis took to Twitter in what appears to be a reference to Ravenel saying she was, "grilling burgers with my baby." Earlier in the day Dennis dropped a direct hint to Ravenel that she wanted a puppy. From all accounts the two seem to get along well. No public nuptial arrangements have been set."

HMMM. I mean, this is the most info I could find about Dennis and Ravenel, but it's a few months old/based on info from unnamed sources. Very sus.

What about Dennis’s Instagram? Any clues there? Well, the selfies are limited these days (maybe per Bravo’s request? Ya know, so the pics don't spoil whether or not she’s preggo?), as are the pics with Ravenel. BUT! Here are some photos worth checking out from the end of last year:

Ravenel and Dennis cozying up by the fireplace!

Pet names!

Can "fruitcake" be used as a term of endearment? Ehh. I'm not entirely sure. Maybe it has a nicer connotation in the South?

Oh, but also? GUCCI! That's a serious Christmas present from Ravenel. Those pics have me thinkin' they were (are?) a real-deal couple.

And her most recent selfie:

My goodness, does she have fantastic hair.

The last piece of "evidence"? A tweet exchange that took place this Tuesday:

[Twitter Embed:]

She’s into “#tomkat.” Does that mean they’re still an item?! Or does she just think the nickname is cute?

So, after all of that, what's the conclusion? Is Kathryn C. Dennis pregnant? 

...I have no idea. Sorry.

Images: Bravo; kathryndennis/Instagram

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