Julianne Hough Admits Her 'Dancing With The Stars' Crush On Calvin Johnson & She Needs To Get In Line

There’s always one person on Dancing With The Stars that I become infatuated with, and for Season 23, it’s definitely Calvin Johnson. Sure, he was Megatron on the football field with the Detroit Lions, but on the Dancing With The Stars dance floor, he’s smooth Calvin Johnson. And he’s adorable! In fact, I may have to fight someone for his affections, because Julianne Hough totally said she had a crush on Calvin Johnson on Dancing With The Stars .

The show is using their second elimination night to recap the first two weeks of dances and show some behind-the-scenes footage, and during Calvin’s first dance with Lindsay Arnold, Julianne told Bruno Tonioli that she has “such a crush on Calvin”. Hey, lady! Back off! He’s mine! Fine, I’ll share. Another funny part of Calvin’s behind-the-scenes footage was proving his sister wrong — she had said in the pre-dance package that she didn’t believe that Calvin could dance at all, and her face after his first dance showed her shock. She was impressed! I mean, we all were impressed, but I guess Calvin showed her, huh? Oh, and don’t even get me started when Dancing With The Stars surprised Calvin with an appearance from Jaleel White, aka Urkel from Family Matters, whom he channeled with his Week 2 dance. Calvin was so happy I wanted to jump up and down with him.

I don’t know what it is about the football players, but I feel like they can always move on Dancing With The Stars. I think it’s because they’re agile and they know how to use their bodies. I’m not athletic — I can barely walk down stairs — and I can’t dance. That can’t be a coincidence. All I’m saying is that I’ll fight Julianne Hough for Calvin Johnson’s affections. He’s my crush for Dancing With The Stars Season 23, and that’s that.

Images: ABC