Dean Munsch Has Sinister Plans On 'Scream Queens'

Most of its original characters have been killed off, but Scream Queens is back for Season 2 and luckily a few of our favorite cast members were lucky enough to dodge the axe-wielding Red Devil. A lot has changed during the three-year time jump — the Chanels were cleared of murder, Hester went to jail, and Dean Munsch is now a medical doctor at CURE Institute Hospital. But, the Chanels have learned that it's a cruel world and society doesn't exactly welcome them back with open arms. As their potential career paths dwindle, all three agree to work for their former dean — but Munsch has a plan on Scream Queens and it's safe to assume that it won't end well for the Chanels.

Yes, apparently during the time jump these three young women forgot that Dean Munsch absolutely hates them. What else could possibly explain their decision to spend their days with her? Maybe everyone has decided to let bygones be bygones...? Nah, that's not how things work in the world of Scream Queens. The Chanels are bitter when they learn they're not being compensated for their work, but Munsch quickly convinces them to stay because, as she tells CURE's headmaster Ingrid (Kirstie Alley), she has plans for the Chanels. As it turns out, Ingrid also has it out for the Chanels in a major way.

So, what's the game plan? When it comes to the slightly unhinged Munsch, it's really anyone's guess — but we do know that she holds grudges like no other and she's smart enough to get away with murder. In case you need a recap, she murdered her ex-husband in a gruesome manner last season and then made sure that the Kappa Sister who he left her for was arrested and in a straitjacket for the crime. So, she may simply want to keep the Chanels close because she's still bitter and resentful of them. Alternatively, Munsch may have uncovered some information about the Chanels during the time gap — and, given Kappas' track record, Munsch may be out for serious revenge over something we don't know about yet.

Either way, it's bad news for the Chanels — especially because Ingrid also has sinister plans. The conversation between Munsch and Ingrid was cryptic, so we don't know whether they share a motive or if they each have a different reason for targeting the Chanels. Still, they were pretty openly creepy with one another about their plans, so I wouldn't be surprised if they form an alliance. What's Ingrid's motive, though? Well, considering we learned next to nothing about her in the premiere, it's hard to know. But, if Season 1 is any indication, I'd venture a guess that her motive is related to that 1980s flashback in which a couple of medical students threw a guy's body into a swamp so they wouldn't have to miss a party. (Sound familiar?)

As it turned out, the person they killed had a pregnant wife... so, once again, we're probably looking at a family who is out for revenge — and it seems likely that Ingrid is related to the victim somehow. Pair that with Munsch's never-ending vendetta against the Kappas and I'd say the Chanels are in serious trouble.

Image: Michael Becker/FOX