Russell Brand Responds to Insensitive Mick Jagger and L'Wren Scott Media Coverage

No matter which way you slice it, the media messed up L'Wren Scott's death coverage. Many people were angry with press outlets' decision to label her as nothing more than Mick Jagger's girlfriend. "Death of talented & accomplished stylist/designer L'Wren Scott is sad. Media referring to her only as "Mick Jagger's Girlfriend" is sadder," said one fan. But Russell Brand isn't too happy with the other side of the media coverage either: mainly that of front page stories on how sad Jagger is. The musician/actor/political activist does a weekly video segment where he reads the daily newspapers and essentially mocks them. Of course all of the newspapers today featured the same thing: a grieving Mick Jagger. "Have you ever wondered what Mick Jagger would look like when confronted with terrible grief?" Brand says holding up several British papers that have the same photo of a sad Jagger splashed across the front. Daily Star's bold headline reads: "Moment Jagger Was Told of Lover's Suicide" accompanied by the photo of the stunned musician. Brand continues his video saying:

"Daily Mail? Grief. The Sun? Grief. Independent? We're not independent from grief, we want to be involved in that. The Times? Grief. Five pages of grief. Six pages of grief. How many pages of grief can we wring out of poor Mick Jagger?"

Though Brand's video relies heavily on sarcasm and spontaneous singing, the point he's making is a valid one. Why does the media exploit those who are suffering? Because they can and people will still read it, so it's unlikely the press will stop any time soon. But maybe if more people like Brand voice their opinion, the media will back down a bit and allow Jagger some time alone to mourn. Watch Brand's video response to the media coverage below:

Russell Brand on YouTube

Images: Daily Star; Mirror