How To Properly Care For Your Lingerie, According To An Expert

When it comes to shopping for lingerie, it can be hard to justify putting down some hard-earned money towards small, lace garments that most people (unless they're lucky, of course) will never get to see. Though it can make a woman feel sexy and empowered, taking care of lingerie can also be a hassle, which can discourage anyone to invest in the lacy silk numbers.

With the high price tag as well as the high maintenance, you might be the kind of person who wants to discard fancy lingerie altogether. However, once you master the art of caring for the most sacred pieces of lace, you'll start to think twice about your underwear. I guarantee it!

Lingerie can be a tricky thing to tackle when it comes to caring for your garments. Between the lace and straps alone, it can be a daunting feat, especially when they're handmade and extra delicate. While it may be tempting to throw everything into a delicates bag and put them through a cycle, you might actually be wearing down your bras faster than necessary!

Have no fear, I learned the best tips from Allison Beale, Marketing and Brand Director of lingerie brand Journelle. Take it from an expert — your undergarments can last you much longer than you might have anticipated. Here's how.

1. Do Not Wash Your Bras After Each Wear

Much like washing your hair, you don't need to do it every day. According to Beale, "It sounds a little unsanitary, but bras don’t need to be washed after each wear. Constant washing can actually break down the materials that provide support and can damage the bra's structure."

2. Hand Wash Your Lingerie

When you do need to wash your bras, which Beale recommends to be every six to seven wears (with an emphasis on rotating between wears!), be sure to hand wash them! According to Beale, it's not as labor-intensive as you might think. Simply fill a basin with lukewarm water and a cap full of delicate lingerie wash, and swirl your bras and lingerie through the soapy water. Once finished, gently wring out the excess water and lay flat to dry.

3. Never Machine Dry Your Lingerie

"If you absolutely must machine wash (and a few of my friends know I'm talking to them), under no circumstance should you put your lingerie in the dryer," Beale tells me over email.

4. Spoon Your Bras

If you have a separate space for your bras, be sure to arrange them so that the cups are spooning one another. This prevents any crushing of the cups beneath each other.

5. Hang Your Lingerie

Should you have the luxury, Beale advises you to hang extra delicate items such as silk bras or chemises. If not, secure the clasp on your bras and lay flat and be sure not to twist or fold the silky pieces.

There you have it! Be sure to use these quick tips to increase the lifetime of your favorite lingerie pieces.

Images: Isla Murray/Bustle