Will 'Longmire' Return For Season 6? Netflix Doesn't Let Shows Go Often

Longmire was once on A&E, but a surprise cancellation almost brought the series to an untimely end. But after its cancellation, it was picked up by Netflix. As of September, Netflix has yet to announce whether or not Longmire will return for Season 6. But, since it's extremely rare to hear of a Netflix cancellation — even when it comes to shows it has saved from coming to an end on other networks — chances are pretty good that there will be more Longmire coming up soon. Also, Netflix's release schedule is pretty regular, so if there is a sixth season for Longmire, it should arrive in early fall 2017 — just like this one.

This mystery novel-inspired series isn't the only one that's been picked up by Netflix and been allowed to continue for more seasons. In some ways, Netflix has kind of become the Robin Hood of the cable TV world — except there's no actual stealing involved. Rather, Netflix often swoops in and saves the day when network TV shows get cancelled, and it has become a home for shows that are beloved but not always critically or commercially successful giants — like Longmire. And, while you're waiting for Longmire to return, you can catch up on these other streamable shows.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

When this series was passed over by NBC, Netflix decided to pick it up, and I think the dense, joke-laden viewing experience was made even better without commercials or the need to stay totally network-friendly. That opened up the chance to make Season 2 surprisingly serialized and give the hilarious comedy a truly dark underside about the psychological damage caused by Kimmy's imprisonment in the bunker.

The Killing

After its first season really botched the landing, a lot of mystery fans were ready to write off The Killing. But, the series was resurrected by Netflix and went on to get the chance to wrap things up where it ended on its own terms.

Black Mirror

The British show is now making Netflix-exclusive episodes, bringing the upcoming season to American audiences without a year delay.

Gilmore Girls

Amy Sherman-Palladino didn't get to work on Gilmore Girls Season 7 or give it the ending she'd intended. But, now, Netflix is bringing back the series for a brief and welcome return that will allow her to get another shot at these characters.

Fuller House

Okay, so maybe Full House didn't need to be "saved," but it probably wasn't going to be resurrected for a nostalgia-filled reboot by any other network. Season 2 of the series hits Netflix in December.

Halt & Catch Fire

Halt & Catch Fire isn't cancelled like the rest of the shows on this list — it actually is airing its third season on AMC right now (and you should check it out if you love the '80s, big ol' computers, and women kicking ass at work). However, I feel that if not for Netflix's relationship with AMC, this show could have gone the way of Low Winter Sun, after a boring premiere and slow first few episodes. But, because of the marathon model, the series could find an audience on Netflix in the offseason, and now the series has fully delivered on its early promise.

Many Others

What will be the next series rescued by Netflix? Who knows, but now, when people's favorite shows get axed, they get a little bit of hope about the show possibly finding a new home and maybe, if they're particularly lucky, new creative heights. Longmire is just one of many.

Images: John Golden Britt, David Dettmann, Michael Yarish/Netflix; Giphy (4)