Real Housewives of New York: #BookGate?!

News flash: Aviva digs herself into an even deeper hole and it's only Episode 2, people! For someone who claims to want to be back in the housewives' good graces, she seems to be doing everything in her power to piss them off even further, if that's possible. After a tense and awkward, dare we say creepy, lunch exchange between Aviva and Carole, in which she copied everything from her glasses to a book deal, she went on to allege that established author, journalist, and fellow housewife Carole Radziwill used a ghostwriter to pen her first book. This scandal is now better known as #BookGate (thank you Bravo, you ingenious, catchy peeps).

What makes it so outrageous for Aviva to openly challenge Carole on her work is that it's not only an incredibly insulting and completely unfounded claim, Aviva has no prior experience in the publishing realm. How could she possibly know if Carole used a ghostwriter and why would she even want to when she had written so much before that! Secondly, Aviva had the nerve to liken writing a memoir to sending a bunch of long emails. Yeah, that's totally what it's like, Aviva. Considering the berating blonde is only just breaking into the writing world, perhaps it'd be wise for her to learn from her "friend" with experience in that area rather than sabotage the very person who could help her better her career. If she's not careful, she's going to lose a whole lot more than a second book deal.

If we get down to the psychology of it all, there appears to be a little green eyed monster behind all of the questioning and ill will. Because Aviva is insecure or rather threatened that her memoir will undoubtedly be compared to Carole's writing, she's trying to discredit Carole's talent and diligence. So uncool, and so not the way to get your friends to see you in a better light. Borrowing from the best, most fantastical movie of all time, Mean Girls, "Calling someone else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter."

Time to grow up, girlfriend. Questioning Carole only makes you look more incompetent.