Here's How Kylie Jenner Makes Her Lipstick Last

by Augusta Statz

There’s no one I trust more than Kylie Jenner when it comes to lipstick advice. She’s a never-ending source of great ideas in all things lip-related, so naturally, I’m going to pay attention when she shares tips and tricks. Kylie Jenner’s hack for making your lipstick last longer requires an extra step in the application process.

She recommends using a lip primer before applying your lipstick. Not only will it add moisture to your lips, it will also help increase the longevity of your lip color, according to a post on her website. The priming step seems like something I may not have time for in the morning, but hey, if Jenner recommends it, it could be worth a try.

I can’t attest to how lip primers will hold up through sipping coffee and eating throughout the day, but like I said, Jenner surely knows a thing or two about wearing lipstick. And I suppose the added moisture the primer offers surely couldn’t hurt anything. Whether you’re into the idea of adding another step into your routine or not, there’s plenty of other advice where that came from. So, check out Jenner’s lipstick process and decide which of these steps work best for you.

This could be the crucial step your makeup routine's been missing.

It certainly seems to be working for her.

1. Lip Primer

Lip Insurance Lip Primer, $20, Sephora

This is one of the primers Jenner recommended trying. If you're interested in putting a primer to the test, this would be a great place to start.

2. Conceal

Longwear Lip Pencil in Oh Honey!, $21, MAC Cosmetics

Jenner recommends giving your lips a nude base in an article on her website. You can do that with concealer or with a nude lip liner, such as this one.

3. Liner

All of the Lip Kits come with a liner, so you can tell just how seriously this girl takes her lip lining. She uses the pencil all over the lips to create a base for the lipstick, rather than just lining the outer edges.

4. Lip Color

Once you've got your liner just how you like it, you can finally apply the lipstick.

5. Dab

Now, this next step may seem a little counter intuitive since you just worked so hard to apply your lip color, but Jenner uses her finger to blot the lipstick. This will help get rid of any excess lip product and cut down on the amount of stains you leave behind of everything those lips of yours touch.

6. Top With A Gloss

Jenner's also known to layer matte lippies with glosses, so feel free to give your pigmented look a glossy finish from time to time.

Complete all of these steps or feel free to mix and match to find a lipstick routine that suits for you. There's no wrong way to add some color to your pout! Wearing lipstick can be quite the process, but it's completely worth it in the end.

Images: Courtesy Brands (2)