30 Top Korean Sheet Masks For Any Skin Concern

With the Korean beauty trend in full swing, American sites are overflowing with cheap and effective Korean beauty sheet masks. Basically a full spa treatment in one easy-to-wear sheet, people are totally flipping over these things, but with all the different ingredients — some familiar and some not-so-familiar, especially given that the packages aren’t always in English — how are you supposed to know the best Korean sheet masks from the worst? That’s why I enlisted the help of Korean beauty skin care expert Morgan, from The Beauty Breakdown.

“There are numerous benefits to using Korean sheet masks and incorporating them in your routine,” Morgan says. “If you haven't done so already, what are you waiting for? Mainly, these are great for adding a rush of moisture to the skin. Depending on the type of mask, some have added benefits like anti-aging, brightening, improving the texture of the skin, etc. Plus, they're super easy to use. You just apply them onto your face and hang out while it works its magic!” If you’re not quite sure which awesome Korean skin care mask is right for you, check out Morgan’s favorites, along with some other best-selling picks that people can’t stop raving about.

1. Snail Secretion Seriously Helps With Renewal

mothermade Deep Moisturizing Rich Snail Facial Mask, $18, Amazon

“There are a lot of unique ingredients that are incorporated into Korean sheet masks,” Morgan says. “One of my faves... Snail secretion! It's awesome for all skin types, helps with anti-aging, and renews the look of the skin.”

2. Try Every Ingredient To See What Works Best For You

Dermal Korea Collagen Essence Full Face Facial Mask Sheet, $10, Amazon

If you’re not sure which ingredient to try, this Dermal Korea 'Collagen Essence' full face facial mask sheet comes with 16 types — everything from green tea to charcoal.

3. Rose Extract Soothes And Rejuvenates Skin

Manefit Bling Bling Hydro Gel Mask Energizing Rose, $22, Birchbox

This Manefit 'Bling Bling' hydrogel mask is made with real rose extract, which soothes and rejuvenates skin for a healthy glow overnight.

4. Even Out Skin Tone & Smooth Skin's Surface With Ginseng

Eborian Ginseng Shot Mask, $7, Sephora

For a more even skin tone, this Eborian Ginseng mask has ginseng root, which has been used for centuries in Korea because of how soothing and healing it is. 

5. Cover All Your Bases, From Breakouts To Elasticity, With TONYMOLY

TONYMOLY I'm Real Mask Sheet Pack, $13, Amazon

Another great variety pack, this TONYMOLY 'I'm Real' mask sheet pack gives you 11 different masks, so whether your skin’s craving elasticity or you’re in need of something clarifying, you’ve got all your bases covered.

6. Try Try Tea Tree To Minimize Breakouts

Teatree Care Solution Essential Mask, $11, Amazon

Tea tree is an awesome ingredient that helps minimize breakouts, oil secretion, and infections, so if you’ve got reoccurring acne, Teatree Care Solution's essential mask could be a great one to test.

7. Play Dress Up During Your Spa Treatment

The Face Shop Character Mask, $11, Amazon

These whimsical The Face Shop character masks turn your face into five different animals, and each is formulated with hyaluronic acid and collagen to leave your face soft, dewy, and glowing. Plus, just think of the selfie game.

8. Leaders Is A Great Brand For Sensitive Skin

Leaders Amino Moisture Masks, $10, Amazon

“My favorite masks are from Leaders!” Morgan says. “I love that they have all different kinds, including sheet masks made from both cotton and coconut masks.” These Leaders amino moisture masks are great for sensitive skin, and especially awesome if you need hydration.

9. For Added Moisture, Try Coconut Gel

Leaders Insolution Coconut Gel Mask, $35, Amazon

Here’s another option from Leaders — one that uses coconut gel, which is a feature that Morgan loves. It adheres firmly to the skin to give you loads of moisture and antioxidants.

10. Get A Clear Canvas For Your Makeup

When Makeup Base Sheet, $7, Sephora

Another one that’s made from coconuts, this makeup base sheet is lightweight, nourishing, and helps to create a clean, clear canvas for your makeup.

11. Minimize Appearance Of Pores With Egg Cream

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask, $24, Sephora

This Too Cool For School egg cream mask is awesome for blackheads and uneven skin tone. It uses the proteins in eggs to purify and whiten your skin tone.

12. A Sheet Mask That Uses Replenishing Power From Snails

Milky Piggy 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask, $14, Amazon

These Milky Piggy 24K gold waterdew snail masks are loaded with rich ingredients (there’s that snail again) that absorb oil, add hydration, and cleanse away impurities.

13. Everything From Pearl To Honey

Etude House I Need You Mask Sheet, $17, Amazon

This pack of 15 Etude House 'I Need You' mask sheets contain everything from pearl to honey and bamboo to rice, and reviewers love them because they adhere well to the face and every different kind does wonders for the skin. 

14. Calm Irritated Skin With Mugwort

Manefit Beauty Planner Mugwort, $10, Birchbox

Mugwort has been used for centuries to calm skin, and this Manefit Beauty Planner mugwort mask could help your face look clearer and more radiant in as little as 20 minutes.

15. Laneige Cools, Nourishes, And Soothes

Laneige Water Bank Double Gel Soothing Mask, $26, Amazon

“I also really like sheet masks from Laneige,” Morgan said, and this Laneige 'Water Bank Double Gel' soothing mask is so highly rated because it cools, soothes, nourishes, and provides loads of intensive hydration.

16. Rehydrate And Repair With Snail And Herbs

Tony Moly Age-Defying Snail Hydro-Gel Face Mask Sheet, $9, Sephora

This Tony Moly snail hydrogel face mask sheet has more of that snail mucin, which helps to rehydrate and repair, but it’s also got traditional Korean herbs that nourish and protect the skin from damage.

17. Give Your Dried Out Skin A Boost Of Hydration

Kisskin Premium Diamond Hydro Gel Mask, $29, Amazon

If you’re looking to give your skin a little bit of a hydration boost, this Kisskin Korean face mask is made from a plant-based material that fights fine lines and helps to reverse signs of sun damage.

18. A Sheet For Every Day Of The Week

Reskin Solution Monday To Sunday, $17, Amazon

The coolest parts about this Reskin Solution 'Monday To Sunday' pack is that it come with seven sheets for every day of the week, and the sheets are made from honeycomb shaped microscopic cell structures that deliver tons of nourishment to the skin.

19. Skip The Parabens For Sensitive Skin

banila co Miss Flower & Mr. Honey Skin Care, $20, Amazon

This 'Miss Flower & Mr. Honey' skin care mask is made from great natural oils and extracts, and it skips the parabens, so it’s ideal for sensitive skin.

20. Mucin And Epidermal Growth Factor For A Healthy Texture

It's Skin Prestige Masque, $14, Amazon

These luxury 'It's Skin Prestige' masks have snail mucin and epidermal growth factor, which help to rejuvenate and moisturize skin for a soft, healthy texture.

21. Four Types Of Flower Formulas

Dearpacker Jeju Flower Mask Sheets, $7, Amazon

These 'Dearpacker Jeju' flower mask sheets are ideal for sensitive skin. They’re made from 100 percent pure cotton sheets, and they’ve got four different types of flower formulas to brighten, moisturize, nourish, and calm.

22. Pull Out Impurities With Black Charcoal

Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask, $7, Sephora

Black charcoal is an awesome ingredient for pulling impurities like blackheads and sebum to the surface, and that’s why this Dr. Jart+ Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal sheet mask is a definite favorite among beauty fans.

23. Donkey Milk Is Loaded With Vitamins

Freeset Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask, $14, Amazon

Yep. Donkey milk. It’s actually loaded with vitamins and nutrients that hydrate, nourish, and are great for all different types of skin types.

24. Another Great Brand: My Beauty Diary

My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask, $13, Amazon

Another favorite brand of Morgan’s? “My Beauty Diary!” They come in all different types, like this My Beauty Diary 'Black Pearl' mask, which smells beautiful and leaves your skin looking really clear.

25. Improve Your Skin’s Texture Tenfold

My Beauty Diary Imperial Birds Nest Mask, $20, Amazon

If you’re looking to improve the texture of your skin with added softness and elasticity, this My Beauty Diary 'Black Pearl Mask' gets the job done using coralline (a deep sea plant).

26. Add Tons Of Moisture With Hyaluronic Acid

My Beauty Diary Lipsome Hyaluronic Acid Mask, $13, Amazon

Looking for tons of moisture? Some say that My Beauty Diary's Lipsome hyaluronic acid mask works better than snail gel for flaking and dryness.

27. Even Out Your Skin Tone With Apple

My Beauty Diary Apple Polyphenol Mask, $15, Amazon

If your biggest concern is uneven skin tone, whether it’s from breakouts, scars, or blackheads, the My Beauty Diary 'Apple Polyphenol' mask is really good at leaving you with toned, brightened skin.

28. Awaken Your Complexion With Aloe

My Beauty Diary Aloe Vero Mask, $20, Amazon

My Beauty Diary also has an awesome aloe vera mask, which is super nourishing, moisturizing, and will visibly awaken your complexion.

29. Use Natural Flower Botanicals To Calm Skin

Whamisa Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera, $10, Amazon

For a face mask made with 95 percent organic ingredients, there’s Whamisa organic flowers and aloe vera, which has natural flower botanicals to give you plump and calmed skin.

30. Eliminate Dryness And Dehydration With Rose Water

Dermovia Lace Your Face Hydrating Rose Water Mask, $15, Nordstrom

This Dermovia 'Lace Your Face' hydrating mask has moisturizing rose water that totally eliminates dryness and dehydration, and it’s made from a latex gauze that attaches over your ears for a comfortable, effective fit.

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