How Did Heather & Terry Dubrow Meet? This 'RHOC' Couple Got Off To A Shaky Start

It may come as a surprise, but it's actually pretty rare for the women in the Real Housewives franchise to actually be wives. A great deal of them have never been married or are divorced, so it's actually a pretty big deal that Heather and Terry Dubrow are such a solid couple. Sure, we see them arguing about Terry being a workaholic, but that's pretty much it. Other than that it seems like these two are going strong and have been for a while. As a super single person myself, it makes me wonder how and where their romance began How did Heather and Terry Dubrow meet? Were they into each other right away? Were they just friends first? I'm sure it was mentioned whenever Heather first joined Real Housewives of Orange County, but that was such a long time ago and RHOC fans could probably use a refresher.

Believe it or not, Heather told Us Weekly that she and Terry actually met on a blind date, which gives me a lot of hope as that friend who everyone is trying to set up all the time. But anyway, for Terry and Heather, it wasn't exactly love at first date. In fact, Heather was just not feeling it.


Heather joked with Us, "We met on December 7 — D-Day — which [should have been] a warning." It actually is surprising that these two ended up getting married since it really did take a while for Heather to be into it. On paper, Terry had what Heather wanted in a husband since she asked a friend to set her up with a "Jewish doctor," but she wasn't into him when she talked to him in person.

According to Bravo's The Daily Dish, the RHOC star shared this story during an episode of her podcast Heather Dubrow's World: "On the phone, I was, like, in love. But then we'd hang out and I'd go, 'Yeah, I don't know.'" I feel like most people would end up saying the opposite and have a stronger connection with someone in person.

So, what did Terry say on the phone to get Heather interested in him. "He goes, 'You know what kissing you is like?'" she recalled. "And I said, 'What?' 'You know how you're a kid, and you wake up on Saturday morning, and you realize you don't have to go to school, and you turn over, and you find that amazing place in the pillow again? That's what it's like to kiss you.'" I totally get the metaphor.

Rachel Murray/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After this, Heather went to visit Terry at work and she finally started to fall for him in person. And Terry has his successful plastic surgery practice to thank for getting Heather to change her mind. Heather explained, "To me the sexiest thing in the whole world is seeing someone in their element, you know, seeing him in like scrubs and there's, like, needles flying, and he's walking around, and he's in command of the place. It was a turn-on. It was sexy as hell."

But she still wasn't 100 percent sold on Terry. Wow. This courtship sounds like a lot of work! The future couple went on a weekend trip to San Francisco and Napa Valley and then Heather was finally hooked. Heather revealed of the second things got real for her: "From the moment I saw him at the airport, it was over. I knew I was gonna marry him. It was like we were a married couple. It's like, we saw each other, smiled, gave each other a kiss, and it was magical, and it was done."

It sounds like a lot of work to woo Heather Dubrow, but clearly it's worth it since these two are one of the strongest couples in the Real Housewives franchise.