Kylie Bunbury Brings The Pro To 'Pitch'

The new FOX series Pitch tells the fictional story of Ginny Baker, the first female baseball player to make it to the major leagues. The actual MLB, not to be confused with the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League popularized by the Penny Marshall film A League of Their Own. The series imagines a modern day scenario devoid of skirt uniforms and a grumpy Tom Hanks, but the cast is impressive as well. Who plays Ginny Baker on Pitch ? Kylie Bunbury is clearly ready for her time to shine.

In an interview with People, she talked about learning to play baseball specifically for the role — which is pretty impressive if you've seen even the trailer for the show. She clearly went from zero to hero. "I definitely had to live like a pro athlete, so I am doing like epsom salt baths, I'm icing myself, eating well," Bunbury said. "The biggest thing is the workout. I was boxing as well. Three to four days a week I was boxing, three or four days a week I was pitching ... Real deal over here." However, according to the same interview, both her father and brother played/play soccer professionally, so the character isn't that far of a stretch for her.

As an actress, you've also almost definitely seen her before. These are a few of Bunbury's previous credits to jog your memory before Pitch premieres.


She starred in the ABC Family series as Lacey, a girl who'd grown apart from her childhood best friend, but was forced to reconnect when their past came back to haunt them.

Under The Dome

Bunbury was also in several episodes of the science fiction series as Eva Sinclair


She played Suhad, and was reunited with Twisted co-star and love interest Avan Jogia as well! I wouldn't complain if he showed up in Pitch, just saying...

The Sitter

In the Jonah Hill comedy she played Roxanne. She was also in a Disney film called Prom. Clearly, Bunbury has been leading up to a starring role in a while. Pardon the pun, but I think she's going to knock Pitch out of the park.

Images: Ray Mickshaw/FOX; Giphy (3)