Jaclyn Hill Is Starting Another Highlight Trend

Contour. Nontour. Highlight. Glow. There are so many ways to spotlight the features of your face and to glow, baby, glow. But highlighting products can serve other purposes and bring luminosity to unexpected parts of your body, as evidenced by Champagne Glow queen Jaclyn Hill. The vlogger and makeup artist, who spent her summer of 2016 promoting her BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow collection, has been demonstrating a whole new and unpredictable way to highlight for a while. But will Jaclyn Hill make the shoulder glow trend a thing?

In a pic reposted to the BECCA official Instagram account, Hill's shapely shoulder is glowing and radiant, just like her cheeks. Hill is known for being able to light up a room with her lustrous makeup looks. But the shoulder highlight offers such an unusual and beautiful balance of reflected light. Just gorge, girl! While this technique isn't practical all of the time, especially in cold weather climates where summer has just begun to give way to fall and layers are preferred over bare skin, it's perfectly acceptable and appropriate for a wedding or formal occasion where you wear something strapless, skin-baring, or shoulder-showing.

While I often think of leg contouring and highlighting as a thing when your stems go bare in attire with short hems, the shoulder highlight has such a playful, peek-a-boo effect.

Here's Hill with the shoulder golden glow, drenched in Champagne Pop. Why not try it next time your shoulders are out?

She looks to have a pop of shoulder highlight going on here, as well.

Hill has the face and cheek glow down to a science.

She is always so, so luminous from the neck up. But seeing her glow in the shoulder region should provide enough inspo for you to rock a spaghetti strap frock to your next big event. You can light the way with your dazzling shoulders.

Images: Jaclyn Hill/Instagram (4)