Watch the Final 'Game Of Thrones' Trailer

What happens in Westeros... affects all of us in this realm. If April 6 isn't soon enough for you, here's the final Game of Thrones Season 4 trailer. And as always with the Seven Kingdoms, there's a lot to come.

The trailer deals with what most audience members have been thinking since last season: what the hell is going to happen to the surviving Stark kids? They've become orphans — and even eldest brother Robb isn't around anymore since last season's Red Wedding (and the subsequent Internet upheaval). These kids, whose house has always represented the epitome of honor, are left to their own devices.... and Arya hasn't been seen since her father's death back in Season 1. So what's next for them? Brienne, a woman who keeps her word, promises to find her. BUT WILL SHE!?

And mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen has quite a threat for anyone who doesn't wish to join her new world, and you know when she makes a threat, the woman is making a promise.

In addition to the teasing trailers that HBO has been dispensing, pumping our blood for the premiere that is now JUST UNDER TWO WEEKS away, we've also had some provoking Season 4 preview photos on our hands for a few months now, all of which only confirms that one thing is certainly true: as one soldier very accurately puts it in the trailer — "the war is not over."

Image: HBO