"We Met On the Internet" Photo Series Documents Adorable Couples Who Met Online

As the Internet becomes more and more a part of our real lives instead of existing in some strange separate world, meeting your significant other online is becoming more and more common, and not just via dating websites like Match.com or eHarmony. Couples can meet on Facebook, Instagram, in a chat room, or in the "casual encounters" section of Craig's List. Looking to document those relationships, photographer Jena Cumbo set out to take pictures of real life couples who met in cyberspace with her photo series "We Met On the Internet."

The results are pretty awesome. Cumbo, who is based in New York, photographed the couples in their homes or a place where they like to spend time together. In shots taken in their homes, she tries to capture as much of the environment as possible, to let viewers see the physical space of a couple who met in cyberspace. She's also been working with a writer, Gina Tron, to create brief write-ups about the couples as well. Tron interviews Cumbo's subjects to craft a brief story to go with the photographs. The pair are currently looking for a publisher to turn the photographs and stories into a look-book.

And with photos like these, it's easy to see how it could make an awesome book.

Find where in the interwebs these couples first made their connections and check out even more of the photographs on Cumbo's website.

Images: jenacumbo.com