Watch Hillary Clinton On ‘Between Two Ferns’

It's been part of the sexist tradition to constantly question Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on her likability. Why does she sound so cold? Why can't she be funnier? Why is her voice so shrill? Why can't she smile more? One way for her to respond to criticism of this sort has been to go on late night TV and crack a few jokes with the hosts. But you have to watch Clinton's Between Two Ferns interviews because she gives us a glimpse of who she really is, which might make it her best interview yet.

What stands out in her interview with host Zach Galifianakis is that she seems to be unapologetically herself. There is no try-hard jokes or overly jovial banter; instead, there are plenty of blank stares, sarcastic comments on Trump and deadpan humor. It's fun to watch, but more so, it's subversive. Clinton isn't trying to please everyone by fitting some "likable" mold. Instead, she's just herself, and it's both amusing and refreshing to watch.

Galifianakis pointed out that, sure it's pretty historic that she might be the first "girl president," but for a younger, younger generation, she might also be their first white president. To that, Clinton responded by slowly nodding her head and slightly raising her eyebrows sarcastically — she doesn't need to say anything for us to know how ridiculous she thought that statement was.

Her critics have been quick to judge her on so-called aloofness and while Clinton's campaign has tried to change that, in this interview, she played up to it. She's curt with quick no-nonsense retorts to Galifianakis' purposefully ridiculous questions and it works like a charm.

Galifianakis wonders how this election stuff is going to work if Clinton gets pregnant, asking if we'd be stuck with Tim Kaine for nine months? To which, Clinton simply responded: "I could send you some pamphlets that might help you understand."

And then when he questions her on her stance on the Trans Pacific Partnership, which she initially agreed with Obama on, she made her point clear: "I am not down with the TPP." Galifianakis corrected her: "No, you're supposed to say, 'Yeah you know me,' like the hip hop groove." She interrupted him with a hilariously dry retort: "Don't tell me what to say."

It's absolutely refreshing to see Clinton not pander to the sexist criticism she's dealt with based on her appearances and mannerisms. At one point in the interview, she said, "I regret doing this," and it was obviously in a mocking tone, but that's what makes this interview one of her best — it seems like she was just being herself and we need to start allowing her to do that.