Nick Lachey Picks Worst Boy Band From The '90s but We Respectfully Disagree with His Choice

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Oh, Nick Lachey. Remember his glory days back with boy band 98 Degrees, the tamer, less successful version of The Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC? Despite his band's third tier status, Lachey doesn't peg 98 Degrees as the absolute worst boy band in the late '90s/early 2000s heyday. In fact, when he appeared on Watch What Happens Live, he told Andy Cohen that he thought that 5ive was the worst boy band. (Don't remember them? This song might jog your memory.)

While those guys may leave a whole lot to desire (and oh those lyrics — "baby, when the lights go out/every single word cannot express/the love and tenderness"), there are some other subpar boy bands that go down in pop notoriety.

Prepare yourself for nostalgia, and for some lyrics that will leave you scratching your head. Maybe as kids we mistook chiseled abs and frosted tips for good music (and this girl raises her hand in shame because she knows EVERY WORD), but as adults... we know better now.

If Lachey thought that 5ive was bad, wonder what he thinks of these bands.

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