This Election, We Want You To Know #OurVoteCounts

by Kate Ward

There are things that are all together too easy to do — press the snooze button, go on an accidental $300 ASOS spree, hit "Continue Watching" on Netflix — and things that are altogether too easy not to do — call your parents, do your laundry when you only have one pair of underwear remaining (hey, there's still one!), and, unfortunately, vote. I get it — registering to vote in a presidential election is not as quick as dialing 11 digits to vote for Ruben or Clay.

But, during an unprecedented election year when women are still fighting to close the wage gap, combat sexism, and be treated as true equals (almost a century after the 19th Amendment was passed, mind you), it's more important than ever to show our government that women count. And the best way to do so is to show up, speak up, and vote.

That's why Bustle and Romper are pairing up with over 50 other women's publications to ensure that women's voices are heard. Bustle and Romper — along with brands ranging from Glamour to Scary Mommy — have vowed to register 100,000 women to vote between now and Nov. 8.

There are two ways you'll be seeing our pledge come to life. First, through this easy-to-use registration tool from Rock the Vote, which you will see embedded in Bustle and Romper content from now until November:

Secondly, we will directly be embedding ourselves throughout the country to secure women's votes. Editors from Bustle, Romper, and our partner publications will be on the ground in early October, trying to do our part to make the registration process as easy as possible for those who have yet to sign up to perform their civic duty.

Because it is our duty to show our government that women, a demographic that makes up more than half of the population of the United States, matter. It's why our initiative is called #OurVoteCounts — let's prove to our candidates counting the number of women at the polls that our interests are worth heeding and protecting.

So, please, register to vote. It might take you five minutes, but those five minutes could lead to a lifetime of better treatment by your government, your workplace, and beyond. And, once you've done that, go ahead! Continue watching Stranger Things (for the third time)! See how easy that all was?