What's In The Ivy Park Fall 2016 Collection? Get Ready To Up Your Gymwear Game

Athleisure lovers, brace yourselves for some super exciting news. Ivy Park's Fall/Winter 2016 collection has officially arrived, and it's got everything you need to transform your workout wardrobe for the new season. What better way to ring in fall than with some stylish lounge-y threads? If you were a fan of Beyonce's signature gym-wear line the first time around, then you will totally fawn over this new range. There is just one question left to ask — what's in the Ivy Park Fall 2016 collection?

The first collection was all about the basics — simple leggings, sweatshirts, sports bras, tank tops, and jackets. The follow-up line still includes these core items, but aims to expand on them. This season, the brand has utilized a ton of new fabrics and finishes, including metallic parkas, neoprene sweats, and mesh overlaid bra tops. In addition to new fabrics, the latest range has more of a focus on gym-to-street, rather than just traditional activewear. Some standout pieces include a blue and black camouflage jacket, a sleeveless puffy vest, a long-sleeve denim jumpsuit, and an olive green bubble coat. The color palette is pretty different this time, too, honing in on shades of blue, burgundy, and silver.

Feast your eyes on all of the fashion-y goodness.

1. Camo Wrap Back Jacket

Camo Wrap Back Jacket, $150, topshop.com

Loving this unexpected color scheme in camo.

2. Logo Cropped Tee

Logo Cropped Tee, $42, topshop.com

This basic tee is next-level cool.

3. Oversized Bonded Puffer

Oversized Bonded Puffer, $200, topshop.com

Is this the perfect winter coat or what?!

4. Oversized Denim Jumpsuit

Oversized Denim Jumpsuit, $265, topshop.com

This is definitely my favorite piece in the collection.

5. Camo Jacquard Luxe Parka

Camo Jacquard Luxe Parka, $165, topshop.com

This one may be a close second.

6. Double Layer Camo Bra

Double Layer Camo Bra, $52, topshop.com

Taking the classic sports bra to an edgy new level.

7. Elastic Logo Ribbed Body

Elastic Logo Ribbed Body, $65, topshop.com

Leotard or bathing suit? Either way, it's stunning.

8. Ivy Park Logo Holdall

Ivy Park Logo Holdall, $82, topshop.com

The new line has a ton of new accessories that are both functional and stylish, like this awesome duffle bag.

9. Logo Snapback Cap

Logo Snapback Cap, $30, topshop.com

This fitted cap feels so much like Beyonce's personal style.

Images: Topshop (9)